Maddie Brown Brush Shares Secret To Getting Cleaning Done

Maddie Brown Brush and Evie K., from Instagram, Sister Wives

In the early days of Sister Wives, fans got a chance to watch Maddie Brown Brush run around and grow up alongside her siblings. Now, Maddie is a grown woman with a family of her own.

For now, the Brush family’s children are still pretty little and don’t seem to cause much chaos around the house. But even so, Maddie came up with a smart way to give her little ones some attention while tending to the house.

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Maddie Brown shares a smart cleaning hack while managing her little ones

Maddie Brown Brush might be young, but there isn’t anything she loves more than being a wife and mother. She and her husband Caleb are the parents of Axel who will be six years old in May and Evie who turns four in August.

But recently, they added a new little one to their family.

Maddie Brown Brush, Caleb Brush, Axel Brush, and Evie Brush from Instagram, Sister Wives
Maddie Brush/Instagram

Maddie Brown Brush gave birth to a second daughter, Josephine “Joey” Lee, on February 10, 2023. It seems like the little girl is quite happy and thriving at two months old. But since she’s still so little, she requires some extra time and attention from her parents.

“This is how we are getting cleaning done today,” the mother of three captioned an adorable photo on her Instagram story. In the image, she has baby Joey snuggled up to her chest, comfortably swaddled in a baby carrier.

It’s probably not the most efficient way to clean a home, but with three small children, Maddie knows she will have to find a way to make it work.

Maddie Brown Brush from Instagram, Sister Wives
Maddie Brush/Instagram

Until baby Josephine is old enough to play with her older siblings, she will probably spend many cleaning days like this.

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How are the older Brush children doing?

Maddie Brush doesn’t post on Instagram as often as her mother Janelle does. However, she does give little updates on the kids here and there. It seems like Axel and Evie have fallen in love with their new baby sister. This family of five couldn’t be happier!

Sister Wives fans might recall that Evie was born with some health issues. Although she is a vibrant, active toddler today, she does wear a prosthetic leg.

On social media, Maddie recently chose to give fans a glimpse inside her daughter’s world. Evie is growing each and every day and that means she will keep needing new prosthetics.

“Evie’s limb difference does not slow her down,” the former Sister Wives star shared on Instagram. “I’m grateful to live in a world where prostethics [sic] are available and we are privileged to have access to them. It looks different, but she isn’t different. If that makes sense. She can run, jump, dance, climb, and play just like EVERY OTHER 3 year old.”

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