Maddie Brush Gives Prosthetic Leg Update On Evie

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Maddie Brown Brush admits having Evie K. opened her eyes to a whole new world she didn’t know existed when it came to prosthetics.

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush shared an update with her 546K followers on Instagram about her daughter Evie K. and her prosthetic leg yesterday. The TLC star admitted that having Evie K. as a daughter really changed her perspective on things. She proceeded to educate her followers on the process of getting a prosthetic as she admits she had no idea how complicated the process really was.

Evie K. opens her mother Maddie Brush’s eyes to a new world

Maddie Brown Brush admits she had “no idea” how much effort went into getting a prosthetic. She suspects that there was a time when she envisioned a person showing up to a place, picking out a prosthetic they like in the way a person shops for things, and leaving with it.


Maddie Brush, with Axel and Evie from Instagram

With her daughter having a prosthetic leg, Maddie Brown Brush knows the truth. It isn’t a simple, easy, or quick process. Turns out, there is a lot that goes into getting a prosthetic. And, she decided to educate her followers on the complicated process.


The TLC personality admitted it “makes sense” that getting a prosthetic isn’t as simple as just going to the store and picking the right one as everyone’s body is unique. So, it stands to reason that this is something that would need to be custom-made. Not to mention, her daughter Evie is growing like a weed, so Maddie is constantly finding herself with a need to get a new prosthetic leg because her daughter has outgrown the previous one.

Maddie Brush - Instagram
Maddie Brush – Instagram

Maddie admits it is not uncommon for the process of getting the prosthetic properly sized and custom-made to take anywhere from a month to a month in a half. Then, she still has to bring her daughter back to the doctor regularly to make sure everything still fits and works properly.

“we usually have follow-ups to ensure the new prosthetic is fitting correctly and not rubbing the wrong spots on her leg. We also see the surgeon to make sure there is no problem with fit, and ours often checks Evie’s hips.”

She concluded: “Evie’s limb difference does not slow her down. I’m grateful to live in a world where prosthetics are available and we are privileged to have access to them. It looks different, but she isn’t different. If that makes sense. She can run, jump, dance, climb, and play just like EVERY OTHER 3-year-old.”


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Sister Wives fans appreciated the education, wanted more

In the comments, fans loved getting an update on Evie K. Moreover, they appreciated the education on prosthetics. They, however, took issue with the speed of the video she posted on her Instagram post. Unfortunately, fans were in agreement the slides moved too fast to read the details on them.

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One fan asked how often Evie K has to get a new one. Maddie responded to the question that she typically needed a new one every six to nine months.

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