‘SW:’ Maddie Brush Teaches Axel A Valuable Lesson

Maddie Brush- TLC

Maddie Brush from Sister Wives has been sharing adorable glimpses of her children. She is currently pregnant with her third child, due any day now. She has two other children Evie and Axel. Maddie and her husband, Caleb Brush have focused on raising their adorable family in North Carolina. Additionally, She has shown fans of the show that she enjoys being a mother, but sometimes, she does have to teach her children little lessons.

Maddie Brush’s Son Learns A Lesson

Just this past week on her Instagram account, Maddie Brush shared a new video with her fans. In the video, her son Axel is in the yard picking up gumballs that fall off of sweet gum trees. She captioned it, “He is asking for a new tractor 3 weeks after Christmas. Heck no! I told him he had to earn the money to buy it. He has been doing odd jobs for the money, but this is the best I think. I told him; for every 50 gumballs, I’ll give him a dollar. So here we are.” Axel ended up making ten dollars that day!

Maddie Brush- Instagram
Maddie Brush- Instagram

Maddie Brush’s fans were quick to praise her for teaching her son a very important lesson. One fan wrote to her, “What great life lessons you have taught him. You’re a great mom!” Another shared, “Awesome job, mommy! You are teaching him that hard work really does pay off!” Also, a new fan shared, “Good for you teaching him responsibility, value, and pride. You are starting young because most parents nowadays do not.”

Adorable Family Photos

This isn’t the first time that Maddie has shared adorable photos of Axel. A few months ago, she actually shared a picture of him and asked her fans to caption it. Her fans did have a lot of great responses. However, some of her followers felt that she was sharing too much. No matter what the haters said, Maddie still took the advice of some of her more positive comments. Additionally, she was very happy for the fans that took part in the game.

Maddie Brush- Instagram
Maddie Brush- Instagram

All of Maddie’s fans have been watching Axel grow up so quickly. Also, they love to see Evie’s smiling face and how well she is doing these days. With Axel being five years old now, he has gone through some changes. One of these is getting his first haircut. Maddie made it a point to share with her fans how emotional that was. However, it seemed to be the best kind of emotion. Maddie and Caleb both cherished the moments of his first haircut and it was pretty adorable!

What do you think of Maddie’s life lesson for Axel? Was this the best idea for him to earn money? Be sure to leave your comments below. Stay with us here at Tv Shows Ace for more of Maddie and Axel.

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