‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brush Shares Rare Moment With Kids

Maddie Brown Brush Shares Only Family Photo Taken On Vacation [Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram]

Sister Wives star Maddie Brush is the happy mother of two small kids, Axel and Evie. She regularly posts photos and videos of the kids playing and having fun.

But having two little kids in the house means that it’s not usually very quiet. Keep reading to learn more about the “rare” moment Maddie captured to share with fans.

Maddie Brush loves showcasing her sweet children to the world

Above all else in life, Maddie Brush really enjoys being a mother. Sister Wives fans truly appreciate how she always goes above and beyond for her children.

Her Instagram followers can clearly see that the family spends a lot of time together. From cooking breakfast to caring for chickens, Maddie and her husband Caleb are pretty hands-on with the kids.

But kids will be kids and the Brush children are no exception. Axel just turned five and Evie will be three in August, so they’re still quite young. And that means they like to rough house and be rowdy from time to time.

Maddie Brush and Evie via YouTube
Maddie Brush and Evie via YouTube

But in spite of this, Maddie managed to capture a quiet, calm moment the kids shared together.

“A rare moment of calm and quiet 😜” the mother of two captioned her Instagram post. In the photo, fans can see Axel and Evie quietly reading together.

Maddie’s fans had nothing but kind things to say about the precious moment the children shared.

Such beautiful babies!! ❤️” one fan wrote.

Precious memories to treasure ❤️” added another.

Based on Maddie Brush’s Instagram posts, it’s quite clear that there’s a lot of love to go around in her house. Fans hope she will share another adorable photo of Axel and Evie very soon.

The precious moments keep coming

Fans loved seeing Evie and Axel reading together. But this is just one of many precious moments that Maddie Brush has shared lately. One of her most recent videos featured the kids sharing a nice hug during playtime. According to their mother, it was completely unprompted. Evie and Axel are just very close.

On top of that, Maddie is always looking for new opportunities to teach her kids. Back in April, she revealed that she and Caleb decided to hatch chicks. The animals have made numerous appearances in Maddie’s Instagram posts over the past few months. It’s clear that the kids enjoy learning about the chicks and taking care of them.

Evie and Axel may not grow up to be farmers, but their parents are instilling them with good values they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

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