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‘SW’: Maddie Brush Says ‘We Did A Thing,’ Shares New Babies

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As time goes on, the Brown family of Sister Wives fame keeps growing and expanding. Maddie Brush, daughter of Kody and Janelle Brown, already has two children of her own. But is it time to expand the family again?

The TLC star recently revealed on social media that she had a few “new babies” to share with her followers. Fans were over the moon to see the new additions — keep reading to learn a little more.

Maddie Brush proudly shows off her family’s newest additions

Maddie Brush and her husband Caleb already have two little ones — but there’s always room for more! The 26-year-old is the mother of Axel, 4, and Evie, 2. The family of four seems pretty happy together and Maddie frequently posts photos of her children on her social media pages.

Maddie Brush/Instagram

But as per her Instagram page, the family just got a little bit bigger.

“WE DID A THING,” Maddie shared via her Instagram stories. In the photo, you can clearly see several little chicks. They may not be the typical type of babies that fans would think of, but they’re still babies after all. It seems like the Brush family will try its hand at raising chickens this year.

Could a Brush family farm be in the works?

Maddie Brush/Instagram

Without a doubt, Axel and Evie will have a lot of fun helping their parents raise the chickens. Hopefully, Maddie will post some photos of the kids interacting with the little creatures. For now, fans will just have to stay tuned and wait for Maddie to post more information.

The TLC star absolutely adores motherhood

Maddie Brush definitely has a natural draw to motherhood. So Sister Wives fans can easily see why it was easy for her to adopt the baby chicks. Fans can’t help but notice how well she does with her own two little ones.

However, she did recently mention that she struggles sometimes too. Daylight savings time has really been messing with her inner clock.

“First time since the time change I have been able to get up this early,” she captioned an Instagram story. Maddie revealed that it was 5:17 in the morning. Having children with their own schedules probably didn’t make the time change any easier. Hopefully as summer begins, the family will become more adjusted to the time change.

For now, fans can follow Maddie online if they want to hear more about her parenting journey. She frequently shares updates about the kids, so keep checking back for more from her.

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