Showtime Axes New Series Before It Even Premieres

Showtime has announced that it will be axing a highly-anticipated series before its premiere. Production of season one just wrapped up and the network has already decided it won’t be returning for a second installment. What promising show is the network removing from its lineup? Keep reading for the details!

What Show Is Getting Axed By Showtime?

Before it has even gotten the chance to air, King Shaka has been canceled by Showtime. This is yet another casualty of the network’s merger with Paramount+. Soon, it will be known as Paramount+ with Showtime.

The set of King Shaka was permanently shut down over the weekend, according to Deadline. Charles Babalola was set to star in the series, which followed the story of the founder of the Zulu Nation of Africa, Shaka Zulu.

King Shaka canceled by Showtime - YouTube

Despite there still being 12 days left to shoot and having the entire first season wrapped up, filming was shut down by the network. It isn’t yet clear whether or not Showtime will air the solo season or not.

Fans have already expressed their displeasure with the network’s choice. One person said that it wasn’t a “good look” for Showtime.

“New network head comes in and kills showtime’s biggest forthcoming show which conveniently happens to be about the most important cultural figure in our history,” they stated online. “Not a good look.” A few others took to social media to express that they were looking forward to the show and disappointed that it won’t continue.

King Shaka Isn’t The Only Showtime Series Getting Axed

Showtime has also announced another surprising cancelation recently. One of the actors on the show recently revealed that Billions would end with its seventh season in an interview with Mike Berman.

When it came time for Dan Soder to plug the show during the interview, he blurted out,  “Season seven, the final season, is on its way.” Realizing that he possibly shouldn’t have said that, he followed up by saying that he thought the news was probably already out.

Actually, it wasn’t. Showtime had yet to make the official announcement, but it is true.

Not only has Showtime been canceling programs its viewers seem to enjoy, but many highly-anticipated shows are moving to other platforms. Three Women, which was set to premiere on Showtime, moved to Starz. Ripley, another upcoming series, was moved to Netflix.

That being said, the network is still heavily promoting some of its newer shows, including the second season of Yellowjackets and Season 1 of Waco: The Aftermath.


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What do you think about Showtime’s decision to axe King Shaka? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Certainly this series was a joke. Shaka Zulu was black as night. If it isn’t…….. good call Netflix. Haven’t enough of our legacies been stolen and whitewashed? When’s enough, enough?

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