Gabi Elnicki Talks Epic Mud Moment, Girl Power

Gabi Elnciki, Bachelor, YouTube

When Gabi Elnicki went to walk toward Zach Shallcross on the finale of The Bachelor she already knew it wasn’t going to be her. The car that brought her to Zach parked beside mud and her shoes sank into the ground. She is seen telling someone not to let that happen to Kaity when she arrived. Who was she talking to? Keep reading to find out more.

Gabi’s Mud Moment Explained

As it turns out, Gabi was expressing her displeasure to the producers about the mud. However, the edit made it look like she was yelling at the driver. Gabi said she wasn’t and she could admit she was a little activated getting out because she knew it wasn’t going to be her getting the final rose.
The week leading up to it had been dramatic. Zach made a promise not to have sex with any of the women and ended up sleeping with Gabi. Once he did he felt he had to reveal it to Kaity Biggar and then Gabi felt humiliated. In the end, he broke up with Gabi and proposed to Kaity. Now she’s breaking down what happened the moment her shoes sank into the mud.

Gabi Elnicki Knew She Wasn’t The One

Gabi Elnicki is still close to Kaity even though they both wanted Zach. That’s why when she realized she had sunk in mud, she was understandably aggravated. According to Bachelor Nation, she told Joe Amabile on the Click Bait podcast, “I knew, it was not me.” She told production luckily her dress was short so it didn’t get into the mud.

Gabi Elnicki, Bachelor, Instagram
Gabi Elnicki, Instagram

Gabi said, “I wasn’t yelling at the driver of the car, I was speaking to production when they were telling me to come forward.” She said realizing Kaity was about to have her big moment, she didn’t want her friend to be muddy.
Joe told Gabi she had been a, “true friend,” through and through. A lot of women wouldn’t think of their friends when they were about to get their heart broken.

Ariel Remains A Close Friend Too

Gabi Elnicki remained close with the other girl in Zach’s final three, Ariel Frenkel. Joe asked about the picture they all three posted on Instagram with the same caption during what’s been dubbed, ‘sex week.’
She said they did it in solidarity. They wanted the world to know that however things were edited and whatever it all looked like, they were in it together.

Gabi Elnicki, Instagram
Gabi Elnicki, Instagram

She said there are so many things you have to do to follow the rules of posting. The end of the show has to remain a secret, so they got a photo from the week before to post together. She said, “The point of the photo was to show we have each other’s back through the rest of this and afterwards.” How do you feel about Gabi’s true show of friendship? To read more about her journey, click here. Comment with your thoughts down below.

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