Rachel Recchia Stands By Gabi After ‘Bachelor’ Heartbreak

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Many people tuned in to watch the finale of The Bachelor on March 27, including alum Rachel Recchia. During the more difficult moments of the finale, Recchia praised Gabi Elnicki for being vulnerable and real about how hurt she was. Keep reading to see how the finale unfolded and what the alums had to say.

What Happened With Zach Shallcross & Gabi Elnicki?

For those who watched the season finale of The Bachelor, you know that Zach Shallcross wound up engaged to Kaity Biggar. However, Zach still had some things to answer for from the other women.

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During the finale, Gabi Elnicki was candid about how she felt about Zach betraying her trust. She opened up about feeling ashamed after The Bachelor lead told Kaity Biggar and the entire nation about how they had sex during their overnight date.

“It was consensual, and it was what we wanted. We decided that it was going to be between us. We said that that night. And I remember I was brushing my teeth, you came up behind me, you kissed me on the back of my head, you said, ‘This is just between us.’ And I said, ‘Yes, this is just between us,’” Gabi said during the finale.

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She continued, “I thought it was love. I thought it was more than a TV show. I get it, sex sells, but now I’ve become a narrative.” Zach apologized to her, stating that it was a secret he didn’t want to have. According to Zach, hurting Gabi was the last thing he wanted to do.

When Kaity Biggar was asked about how she felt watching the episode again, she said it wasn’t an easy thing to watch. She continued, “But you know what? Zach and I have amazing communication. We pride ourselves on that. We just have phenomenal communication and loyalty to each other, and we came out stronger, and that is all I could have ever wanted in that situation.”

Kaity and Zach are planning to move in together in Austin, Texas. The wedding is set for sometime in 2025.

Rachel Recchia & Bachelorette Alums React To The Finale

A few of the show’s alums took to social media to talk about the finale and Gabi’s conversation with Zach. One of them was Bachelor alum, Rachel Recchia.

“Showing emotion like this takes so much vulnerability, gabi you are a queen!” Rachel Recchia tweeted as Gabi and Zach’s confrontation aired on television.

Jason Tartick, who was featured on The Bachelorette in 2018, also took some time to voice his opinion following the season finale. Rachel Rechhia reportedly liked his post, which stated that the next three seasons should be Bachelorette focused.

“Go back to back to back Bachelorettes, Charity to Gabby to Ariel … put the guys on the back burner #TheBachelorFinale,” Jason wrote in a post. The post referred to Charity Lawson from season 20, as well as Bachelor runner-ups Gabi Elnicki and Ariel Frenkel.

The franchise will return to television with season 20 of The Bachelorette with Charity Lawson as the lead. You can tune in to watch on Monday, June 26 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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