‘Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross Winner Revealed On Finale, Are They Together?

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The Bachelor Zach Shallcross made his final choice Monday night. Zach had to choose between Gabi and Kaity and decide whether or not to propose to one of them. Ultimately he followed his heart. After these two women met Zach’s family and had one final date it was time for his journey to come to a close. Who did he choose and did he propose? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Zach Shallcross makes his final choice

Fans tuned in Monday night to see Zach Shallcross make his final choice between Gabi and Kaity. He kept saying how tough his decision was which sent Gabi into a tailspin having self-doubt about not being good enough. This all happened just a week after Zach broke his no-sex week rule with her. Gabi was the only woman Zach was intimate with during fantasy suite week. Did he fall in love with her enough to propose?

Ultimately, Zach decided that his feelings for Gabi were not as strong as his feelings for Kaity. He broke Gabi’s heart and sent her home. At the final rose ceremony, Zach gave his final rose to Kaity Biggar. He popped the question and asked her to be his wife. She accepted.

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Where are they now?

After proposing and Kaity accepting are they still together? The answer is yes. Kaity and Zach are still happily engaged and excited to start their lives together and not have to hide their love.

So far Kaity and Zach have not started having conversations about having a wedding. For now, they are just excited to explore their relationship and both be in the same town. Kaity signed a nursing contract in Austin, Texas so she already has a place. Zach will be going back to Austin after all the publicity he has had to do for the show.


The two did share that this summer they are planning on moving in together. While there are still a few months before that happens, the two love that they will already be living in the same city and therefore won’t have to do the long-distance thing.

While the show was sharing Zach and Kaity made the most of their happy couple weekends provided by The Bachelor. 

What do you think about Zach sending Gabi home and deciding to spend his life with and propose to Kaity? Did he make the right decision?

Zach and kaity via Instagram

Stay tuned for more updates.


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