‘The Bachelor’ Fans Up In Arms Over Finale Error

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The Bachelor is currently airing the three-hour season finale. Fans are amped to find out who Zach Shallcross will choose. However, a huge technical error has caused a lot of drama. It also happened during a pivotal moment. So, what exactly happened? Read on for more details.

The Bachelor Fans Up In Arms Over Finale Error

Zach Shallcross has to decide who he will choose tonight. More so, The Bachelor has to decide if he will even propose to one of his lovely final ladies. Unfortunately, a major error happened during his date with Gabi. At around one hour and ten minutes into the finale, the show lost sound. All of the audio was gone and, unless fans had captions on their televisions, they had no idea what Zach or Gabi were saying. Fortunately, this outage only lasted for four minutes but in The Bachelor world, that is four minutes too long.

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Viewers were not happy and immediately took to Twitter to express their frustration. One person tweeted: “Me going to Twitter wondering if my tv is broken.” Another added: “This episode airing in PURE SILENCE is truly the most dramatic thing to ever happen on the show.” Finally, one fan joked that the show was not just three hours but it was also completely silent. Many also added that they needed to go on a social network in order to confirm that their televisions were not broken.

When it returned, fans still tweeted about the silence. They teased about the fact that people missed nothing except a whole entire date. More so, they laughed about how tired they were of Zach in the shower. Plus, some claimed that they were bored with the finale and that they focused a lot on Twitter. Maybe it was because there were so many funny memes about the radio silence going around. Three hours is a long time just to get to the good part and the possible engagement.

Who Will Win?

At this point, The Bachelor has come down to Kaity and Gabi. As to who Zach Shallcross will choose is anybody’s guess however it will be bittersweet. Someone will leave in love and the other will leave with a broken heart. In any case, the sound is back as is the excitement and the show will go on. Were you confused by the silence on the show? More so, did you immediately rush to social media to find out what went wrong? Finally, who do you think Zach will choose? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. I think Zach shallcross will choose to propose to kaity biggar they have a bigger connection to each other than gabi.. I would be happier if kaity is chosen instead of the other.

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