Exclusive: Josh Seiter Follows Heart To Kentucky For Amy Slaton

Joshua Seiter - Amy Slaton

Tv Shows Ace Exclusive: Josh Seiter from Season 11 of The Bachelorette sat down with us to discuss following his heart to Dixon, Kentucky with the hopes that newly single Amy Slaton (Halterman) of 1000-Lb. Sisters will return the intense feelings he has for her. 

Exclusive: Josh Seiter follows heart to Kentucky for Amy Slaton

The former Bachelorette personality went viral a little while back for sliding into Amy Slaton’s comments on her Instagram profile after learning her marriage with her husband Michael was over. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans admittedly had mixed feelings about Josh shooting his shot with Amy as he has a bit of a reputation for being a clout chaser among reality TV women.

Tv Shows Ace asked Josh if Amy sent him a message or replied to his comment on her Instagram post. Josh Seiter admitted that he hasn’t officially made contact with Amy. To the best of his knowledge, the Slaton sisters get tons of messages on their social media platforms. So, they don’t necessarily respond to them. He, however, has decided to follow his heart to Dixon, Kentucky. He’s hoping to shoot his shot in person with Amy Slaton (Halterman).

Josh explained how he narrowed down approximately where Amy is with the hopes of shooting his shot in person: “Yes I’m visiting her town. I located where she lives and I’ve narrowed it down to either Morganfield where she bought a home or her hometown of Dixon. There’s also a town ten miles away where her sister Tammy purchased a home and it’s possible she staying there since her divorce.”

I am going to ask if she wants to grab some food and hopefully we can chat. I already have the restaurant picked out. Getting to know one another is my goal and yes, I’d be open to it leading to more if we click. Either a relationship or, if we don’t click, I’d still be open to being friends. But for now I’m definitely pursuing something romantic.

Joshua Seiter - Instagram
Joshua Seiter – Instagram

How does he feel about dating a bigger woman?

Tv Shows Ace decided to press Josh to spill on the obvious physical differences between Amy and some of the women in his past. What are his feelings toward dating a bigger woman? Turns out, Josh Seiter has always had a fantasy about being with a plus-size woman. It, however, was a fantasy he kept to himself because it was considered to be a bit taboo.

Josh: “The idea of dating a bigger woman is my ultimate fantasy. I’ve always been attracted to bigger women ever since I was a kid. The curvier the better. But it was always taboo until recently so I was never very open about it. I know some people say they like bigger women but they just mean a** and boobs. I’m not like that. I genuinely enjoy every part of bigger women, not just those two assets.”

Exclusive: Does Josh Seiter mind that Amy has children?

Amy Slaton (Halterman) is newly single with two small children. So, Tv Shows Ace pressed Josh for the truth about his feelings about being with a mother of two. Did he think the children would present an issue with a potential romance? Or, was he ready to embrace Amy and her children?

Josh: “Amy having children could be tough since they are younger, but honestly I’ve dated a number of women with kids and it’s never been an issue. Ultimately, how we get along will depend on how well behaved they are and the behavior and personalities they develop as they get older. I’m not too worried about it. I normally enjoy kids and get along well with them.”

Joshua Seiter - Instagram
Joshua Seiter – Instagram

People believe he’s just clout-chasing famous women

Josh Seiter from Season 11 of The Bachelorette has acquired a bit of a reputation as a clout-chaser on his quest for love. Many fans of reality TV shows have watched him slide into the comments and DMs of various reality TV women. And, fans question if he actually has an interest in Amy Slaton (Halterman) or if he’s just looking for a piece of her reality TV pie. So, Tv Shows Ace pointed out that a lot of people wouldn’t support this potential romance because it feels like he’s clout chasing. 

Josh Seiter: “I do have a genuine interest in Amy but I understand the accusations of clout chasing. I have gained a bit of a reputation and Amy is on television so I fully expect the clout chasing claims. Fortunately I don’t listen to the haters so it doesn’t deter me in the least. People can think what they want, and they will be vocal no matter what I do, so I’d rather just do what I want and let the haters hate.”

Exclusive: How does Josh Seiter feel about Michael Halterman?

As far as fans know, Amy and Michael Halterman are not fully divorced yet. Moreover, they share two children together. So, Michael is very much going to be in the picture to some degree. Tv Shows Ace asked Josh for his honest thoughts on Amy Slaton’s ex-husband.

Josh: “I dislike her husband and think he’s terrible for her. I’m glad she’s leaving him and available to date people like me who are motivated and healthy and will treat her well. I never thought he was good enough for her and I think once she spends just a little bit of time with me, she’ll see that clearly also. I don’t wish him Ill, but I’m unimpressed by him and know she can do better.”

Joshua Seiter - Instagram
Joshua Seiter – Instagram

Is he hoping to be part of 1000-Lb. Sisters? 

Jumping back to the clout-chasing topic for a moment, Tv Shows Ace asked Josh if he had an interest in being on 1000-Lb. Sisters. If Amy Slaton (Halterman) returned his feelings and they started dating… Was he open to being on the show? While Josh wanted it to be clear he wasn’t interested in Amy because he wanted to be on TLC, he was open to being on a show with her if their future headed in that direction.

Josh Seiter: “I am open to being on TLC but it’s not a priority or the motivation for me to date her. I genuinely have an intense attraction to bigger women and have had a crush on Amy ever since I saw the sisters on television. I just wasn’t open about it because society tells us it’s wrong or silly. But if a television show grew out of this I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

Amy Halterman- Instagram
Amy Halterman- Instagram

Exclusive: Doesn’t Josh Seiter have a girlfriend right now? 

Now, as far as those who follow Josh’s love life know… He is very much in a relationship right now. So, fans are wondering what his pursuit of Amy Slaton (Halterman) means for his current girlfriend. Has that relationship ended? What’s going on? Tv Shows Ace asked Josh. Here’s the answer he gave us:

Honestly I am looking for a way out of my current relationship but just haven’t been vocal to Glorietta about it. She’s very sweet and nice but her posting about tons of other people and starting arguments in her stories is a bit too much for me. If Amy is open to dating me I’d immediately end things with Glorietta. I just don’t want to do anything prematurely at this point so I’ll see how it all unfolds.

Tv Shows Ace did seek confirmation from Josh on whether he wanted the above statement shared as it put his relationship with Glorietta at risk. He tells us he wants to be as transparent as possible with the situation. Moreover, he recognizes that people are going to have questions about his current relationship after his active pursuit of Amy Slaton (Halterman) gets put out there.

Josh Seiter's girlfriend

Do you think Amy Slaton (Halterman) of 1000-Lb. Sisters should give Josh Seiter a chance? Or, do you share some fans’ fears that his interest in Amy is simply because he’s chasing clout? Share your thoughts on this potential romance in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to Tv Shows Ace for all the latest Bachelor and 1000-Lb. Sisters news.

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