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EXCLUSIVE: Did Josh Seiter Slide Into Christine Brown’s DMs?

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Has Josh Seiter tried to slide into Christine Brown’s DMs? After all, he did leave a flattering comment on one of her Instagram posts. Therefore, fans were wondering what exactly The Bachelorette alum was looking for when he did that. He is newly single and the Sister Wives star is just out of a very long marriage. So, was it just some quick flattery, or is Josh hoping for more? Read on for the exclusive details.

Did Josh Seiter Slide Into Christine Brown’s DMs?

A few days back, it was everywhere that Josh had left a comment on Christine’s Instagram. Of course, it became a huge deal as he had just broken up with 90 Day Fiance star Karine Martins. Prior to her, he was engaged to another 90 Day personality, Yolanda Leaks. So, was he looking to stay in the spotlight by going after Christine? What exactly were Josh’s motives as he seems to have a penchant for the reality kind having been on a reality show himself?

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TV Shows Ace spoke exclusively to Josh and asked if he had slid into the mother of six’s DMs. Though he admitted to doing so, he claimed that he had to keep what was said in them private. Josh did, however, admit that he thinks that Christine is attractive and that he respected what she had just done with Kody, getting out of a toxic marriage. He noted: “It’s not easy starting over later in life.”

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Furthermore, he went on to add that he does have a penchant for older women as Yolanda was twenty years his senior. Josh also went on to note his and Christine’s similarities as they both have family homes in Utah. They are pretty close to one another so anything can happen down the line. He ended it by pointing out that he has left supportive comments on and off on her social media so this is nothing new.

What’s Next For Christine?

As of now, Christine is just dating for fun and has yet to acknowledge Josh Seiter’s advances. Her followers have told him to leave her alone as they do not have a high opinion of him. Yet, she is smart and has already taken herself out of one negative situation that was not healthy for her. There is no doubt that she will be much more cautious this time around, especially since she has an impressionable twelve-year-old daughter, Truely.

There is still more to come on this season of Sister Wives and the tell-all has yet to air. No word on whether or not it has been filmed but if it hasn’t, it would be great if the host addressed the Josh situation. Do you think she should give him a chance and have some fun or leave well enough alone? More so, why do you think Josh felt the need to contact Christine?

Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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