‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Takes A Chance & Let’s It All Hang Out

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Janelle Brown of Sister Wives shamelessly split her legs open wide in an unfiltered Pilates pose on Instagram recently. Admitting the idea of posting such a raw and exposed photo on Instagram for her 1M followers to see was a scary thought, but she ultimately swallowed her fears and pushed the button.

Interested in seeing this unfiltered photo of Janelle Brown with her legs split wide open? Curious to know more about her thoughts on the photo? Scroll down to see the photo.

Janelle Brown splits legs open wide in unfiltered photo

The Sister Wives star fesses up that posting an unfiltered Pilates photo of herself was a “scary proposition.” Janelle Brown knows she’s been hard at work on her physical strength, stamina, core, and flexibility for years. But, the 1M people who follow her on Instagram don’t know anything she doesn’t choose to share. And, people on the Internet are always horribly judgmental. Janelle Brown has openly admitted on her social media profiles that she doesn’t like sharing full-body photos showing off her weight loss because of how judgemental the Internet really is. So, posting an unfiltered photo in this position was a really big step.

She penned: “I am less than perfect and let’s be honest with each other, social media can be pretty brutal. Usually there is a lot of judgement and umm… ‘helpful tips.'”

But there is power in being authentic. In showing the small steps towards crafting your own life – even if progress isn’t always obvious or perfect.

For Janelle, posting this unfiltered photo of her legs split open wide in this Pilates pose was about being authentic. Posting it and being authentic, sent a spark of power coursing through her. And, she accepted the fact that progress didn’t have to always be easy to see.

Her followers supported her

In the comments, there was nothing but love for Janelle Brown. She has documented her journey to a healthier self for a while now on social media. This post reveals Janelle is doing so much more than just taking a weight loss supplement. In the comments of her post, fans pointed out that just trying to work on achieving a better and healthier self is what really counts. Fans are in awe of the hard work she’s put in. And, they hope she’ll continue to push herself to get where she wants to go.

Check out the unfiltered photo she shared down below:

Janelle Brown - Instagram
Janelle Brown – Instagram

What do you think of this photo and what she said in her caption? Let us know in the comments down below.

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