Janelle Brown Needs Money After Splitting From Kody?

Kody brown - Janelle brown - Youtube

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is seemingly in need of money after splitting from her husband Kody and her sister wife Robyn. What is the TLC personality doing that has fans thinking she might be in need of money? Keep reading for the scoop.

Janelle Brown seemingly needs money after split from Kody?

As fans know, the Sister Wives family all earned their own individual income. They also had a collective fund that was referred to as the family fund. Fans were shook during the recent season of the show when they learned Kody and Robyn utilized the family funds to pay for her large and expensive home. Part of the reason fans were so bothered by this information is because Janelle found herself in a position where she didn’t have a home and Kody did not appear to want to dip into the same family funds to help his other wife.

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Robyn Brown – Janelle Brown – Youtube


Now, per an exclusive report from The Sun, Janelle Brown is seemingly in need of cash after dipping out of her relationship with Kody and her sister wife-ship with Robyn. Turns out, she has filed not one, but two businesses, in her name recently. And, she did so without really making a spectacle of it on social media.

What businesses did she file exactly?

Per The Sun, Janelle filed a business called “Janelle Brown Production” back in December of last year. On the same day, she also filed a second business called “Strive With Janelle.” It is a little unclear what the purpose of the first business she filed is. Though, the second business was filed for her online coaching venture. As fans know, Janelle has been certified as an IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) coach for a few years.

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A month prior to these two, Janelle also filed an LLC called “Janelle Brown Plexus.” Now, as the name suggests, the purpose of this business was for her to push and sell the weight loss progress she claimed she was currently taken. While a lot of fans had serious doubts as to whether any of the members of the Brown family pushing Plexus were actually taking it, there was no denying Janelle had lost 100 pounds since walking away from Kody Brown.

Why do you think Janelle Brown is hustling for so much money all of the sudden? Did leaving Kody put a financial strain on her? Let us know your thoughts n the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news

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  1. She deserves a lot of money and she should make Robin and Cody sell the mansion they are living in and give her the money. She should sell her property and keep that money too. I think all 3 of his other ex wives should do the same about the property. Cody and Robin might sell it all and take off with whatever they can get. Two selfish people that only think of themselves deserve each other.

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