Courtney Waldrop Slammed For Sextuplets’ Bathtub Post, Why?

Courtney Waldrop - YouTube

Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop is being slammed for her recent bathtub post about the sextuplets. Fans are unhappy after seeing what she meant to be a wholesome post. What did she share? And why are fans so upset about it? Keep reading for all of the details.

On social media, Courtney tends to keep things positive and lighthearted, which seems to keep many of the negative comments at bay. She still sometimes receives backlash for her posts, but she typically gets more love than hate. But a new post was not so well-received.

Courtney Waldrop - YouTube
Courtney Waldrop – YouTube

Courtney Waldrop shares a new post of the sextuplets in the tub.

On Instagram this week, Courtney shared a new post featuring a photo of the sextuplets in the bathtub together. All six five-year-olds, Blu, Tag, Layke, Rivers, Rayne, and Rawlings, hung out together in the bubbles. It looks like the kids were having the time of their lives together.

The mother of nine said, “I rarely give the Sextuplets a bath…it’s always a shower because it’s much much easier but they LOVE all piling in the tub and making the biggest mess EVER.”

She pointed out that the kids end up soaking the bathroom floor, but it’s worth it when she can get such cute photos of them together.

You can see the post below.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans slam the mom of nine.

After looking at Courtney Waldrop’s new post, a few fans took to the comments to express their concerns. It looks like many dislike the fact that all of the sextuplets are sharing a bath. They feel that the boys should bathe together and the girls should bathe together but not all at once. One fan wrote, “I’m sorry, but they’re too old to be in the tub together…”

In addition to being called out for bathing the five-year-olds together, Courtney Waldrop is being slammed for posting bathtub pictures online. One fan pointed out, “We all know there are nasty people looking for stuff like this.”

Another disappointed fan reminded the couple that their “children deserve privacy.”

Below, you can see some of the comments Courtney received.

Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

So far, Courtney hasn’t interacted with these comments. But fans are hopeful that her eyes will be opened and she may change her opinions on these issues.

So, do you think it’s an issue that all six of the sextuplets are bathing together at five years old? Or do you think that’s something for Eric and Courtney Waldrop to decide? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Sweet Home Sextuplets family.

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  1. These kids were given to Courtney and her husband to raise. They are the ones that have to answer to God if this is wrong. It’s a cute picture and I probably would have done it if I would have had different sex multiples but mine were same sex. Judge note least ye be judged. God will judge you they way you judge.

  2. If you cannot see any private parts then quit bitching. I don’t know if you can see any cause I can’t see the picture. but if you can’t then like I said quit your Bitching.

  3. Leave them alone..they’re playing in the tub together, so what. They shared a womb but people are upset that they’re sharing a tub. Give me a break. They look absolutely gorgeous, excited and fun.

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