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Courtney Introduces Fans To 100-Year-Old Waldrop Sextuplets

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop has introduced fans to the 100-year-old Waldrop sextuplets. She showed off their latest looks and left fans in tears. Scroll down to check out the awesome photos and see what the kiddos are up to.

In December, Rawlings, Rivers, Rayne, Tag, Blu, and Layke celebrated their fifth birthdays. Of course, the whole Waldrop family went out to spoil the sextuplets on their big day. While they only recently turned five, the little ones had a chance to be 100 years old this week. Courtney couldn’t help but capture this moment for fans to see.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram - Waldrop sextuplets
Courtney Waldrop Instagram – Waldrop sextuplets

Courtney Introduces Fans To 100-Year-Old Waldrop Sextuplets

On Instagram on Tuesday morning, Courtney shared a few new photos of her five-year-olds. While she’s always sharing pictures of them, she’s never posted anything like this before. This time, the kiddos are all decked out in grandma and grandpa outfits.

In her post, Courtney informed everyone that it was the kids’ 100th day of pre-k. To celebrate the 100th day of school, their class dressed up as if they were 100 years old. She wrote, “Introducing to you…..The Worlds First and Only ONE HUNDRED Year Old Sextuplets!!! These SIX have survived ONE HUNDRED days of Pre-K!!”

Then, she added, “And I have to say the cutest 100 year old sextuplets I ever did see. I can only hope I age this well.”

The boys wore button-down shirts, sweater vests, bow ties, newsboy hats, jeans with suspenders, glasses, and fake bushy eyebrows. They also used canes and pipes to complete their looks.

Rivers, Rayne, and Rawlings wore floral dresses, cardigans, tights, Mary Janes, gray wigs, and glass with beads attached. They also wore pearl necklaces and used canes.

You can check out the awesome photos of the 100-year-old Waldrop sextuplets below. As you can see in the post, the kids were totally hamming it up for the camera. They all struck poses or walked with their hands on their backs to impersonate 100-year-olds.

Fans In Tears Over Hilarious, Adorable Photos

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans are getting a kick out of the Waldrop kids’ 100-year-old outfits. One fan said, “That’s hilarious! I love how they are holding their backs 🤣”

Another fan called the photos “hysterical” and said, “The way they capture their 100 years with gestures and movement is a HOOT!!!!!”

Courtney’s friend, who also took the photos, commented, “The one with Rivers looking back while they all walk gets more funny every time I see it 😂 love these sweet grandmas and grandpas 😝🥰”

So, what do you think of the 100-year-old Waldrop sextuplets? Do you love how well they played this role? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Courtney Waldrop’s family.

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