Tag Waldrop Gets Troubling News At Dentist: What’s Wrong?

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Courtney Waldrop took Tag and some of his brothers to the dentist today. While the former reality TV mama and her sons survived the trip, Tag got some troubling news! What’s wrong with Tag Waldrop exactly? Keep reading for the details and to see some adorable pictures from the dentist trip!

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Courtney Waldrop takes same approach as the Busbys

Part of the fascination with watching families such as the Waldrops and the Busbys on television is learning how the parents handle certain things with so many children. Going to the dentist or doctor can be difficult — but manageable — when you only have one or two children. How does a parent swing doing things like this with so many extra little ones running around?

Adam and Danielle Busby have always been very open about splitting up the girls when they do just about anything. They’ve repeatedly explained it just makes it easier to get things done when they split the girls up. This is true with everything from going to the store to going to a dentist or doctor’s appointment. Adam and Danielle like to split up the girls in different ways (including splitting up the twins) to make sure they all develop their own personalities and don’t get too attached to just one of their sisters. Fans praise them for this approach. And, it appears as if Courtney Waldrop has taken the same approach to her parenting techniques.

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As we previously reported, she took to Instagram to announce her boys had survived a dentist appointment recently. She explained that it wasn’t that long ago she took the girls to the dentist as well. Unfortunately, the girls did do a little better than the boys. Turns out, Tag Waldrop got some bad news during his exam. All things considered, however, Courtney was pretty happy with the results.

Tag Waldrop gets troubling news: What’s wrong?

During Tag Waldrop’s exam, the little guy learned that he had a cavity. On her Instagram post, Courtney explained he was the only sextuplet to have a cavity. Considering how many children she has, only one having a cavity is something she was really proud of! She admitted in the caption Tag being the only one to get troubling news was a bright side as the appointments could have gone a lot worse.

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Courtney Waldrop’s Instagram post came equipped with tons of photos of the boys at their dentist exam. Fans admitted in the comments they really appreciated these photos and this dental health update.

Do you think it is pretty impressive that out of all the sextuplets only one of them had a cavity? Do you think the troubling news bothered Tag Waldrop? Are you happy Courtney continues to share these types of updates with fans despite walking away from reality TV? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Waldrop family.

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