‘Sweet Home Sextuplets:’ Courtney Waldrop Says Boys Survived

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Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets took to Instagram to say the boys survived — just not as well as their sisters did. What did they survive doing exactly? Keep reading for the details and some adorable pictures.

Courtney Waldrop reveals the boys survived — Survived what?

According to her Instagram post, Courtney Waldrop takes a similar approach as Danielle and Adam Busby of OutDaughtered when it comes to dentist and doctor appointments. She breaks her children up and takes a few at a time. She revealed that it was the boys’ turn to head to the dentist. Fortunately, they survived their dentist appointment! Courtney Waldrop, however, admits the report after the appointment for the boys was not as good as the report she received for the girls.

Courtney concluded her post by patting herself on the back. She noted that only one of her sextuplets had a cavity and she thought that was pretty good considering how many little mouths filled with teeth she’s responsible for!

Her post came equipped with tons of photos of the boys at their dental exam. She added that all of the boys did great. Blu Waldrop, however, had an especially great time at the dentist.

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Sweet Home Sextuplets fans react to the post

The post has been accumulating nearly 2,000 likes an hour since Courtney Waldrop shared the collection of photos. It has also accumulated over 100 comments as fans reacted to the parade of dental photos. With Courtney Waldrop’s family no longer on TV, Sweet Home Sextuplets fans appreciate the window into the childrens’ lives. While it was devastating for fans to learn the family did not wish to return to TV, Courtney and her husband reassured fans they would continue to update them on social media.

Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments:

  • “Oh my gosh these big boy hair cuts.”
  • “That Blu! He brings so much joy to my heart!!”
  • “Precious children.”
  • “Oh, my! The boys all look sooo grownup here, Courtney! Total Rockstars!!!”
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In the comments, fans admit they weren’t too surprised to learn Blu had a blast at the dentist. They all agreed it sounded just like him. Overall, fans really doubled down on appreciating that Courtney took the time to share this kind of stuff on Instagram with them.

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