Waldrop Sextuplets Start Pre-K: All In Same Class Or Split Up?

Waldrop Sextuplets, Courtney Waldrop Instagram

The Waldrop sextuplets are in pre-K (pre-kindergarten) this year! Proud mom and Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop documented their first day of school and gave fans a peek into this new adventure. Keep reading to get all of the details and find out whether they’re all together or split up this year.

Last year, the Waldrop sextuplets attended three-year-old preschool. Now, they’re moving up to the next step.

Below, you can see a photo of the sextuplets after meeting their preschool teachers in 2021.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Waldrop Sextuplets

Courtney Waldrop documents their first day of school.

On Instagram, Courtney took fans along as she sent her six four-year-olds off for their first days of school. She filmed the kids with their backpacks as they walked out to the van to head to school. Last week, she shared a video of the kids being surprised with their backpacks, lunchboxes, and nap mats.

She also recorded each of the six kids talking about their favorite parts of their days.

In her caption, she excitedly revealed, “They seem to be loving school!”

The boys, Layke, Tag, and Blu, are all wearing matching polo shirts with shorts, while the girls, Rivers, Rawlings, and Rayne, are in coordinating dresses.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Waldrop Sextuplets

Are the Waldrop sextuplets together or split up?

On her Instagram Stories, Courtney shared a handful of photos from the kids’ first day of pre-K. You can check them out below. All of the kiddos seem to be very happy. A few of the photos were taken at school, while another photo was taken back at the Waldrop family’s home.

She also addressed a question that many fans sent in. Many wanted to know how the kids’ classes work and whether they got split up. She said that the three girls ended up in the same class and the three boys are together.

So, not all six of the Waldrop sextuplets are able to be together, but they don’t have to go to all separate pre-K classes

In her post, Courtney wrote, “That was super hard for me because they’ve never been apart. But it seems to be going just fine.”

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Waldrop Sextuplets

You can watch Courtney’s latest Instagram Reel here.

So, can you believe that the Waldrop sextuplets are already in pre-K? Are you glad that they have at least a couple of siblings in their classes? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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