‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Courtney Waldrop Asks For Prayers

Sweet Home Sextuplets Courtney Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets’ mom Courtney Waldrop took to her Instagram Stories yesterday to ask fans for prayers. She noted that if it wasn’t too much trouble, it would mean a lot of prayer warriors wouldn’t mind shooting off a few prayers on behalf of her and her husband Eric Waldrop. Did something bad happen to one of the Waldrop children? Why was this former TLC family in need of prayers?

Courtney Waldrop asks for prayers, why?

The Sweet Home Sextuplets’ mom asked for prayers on her Instagram Stories yesterday. Any time someone asks for prayers, fans instantly assume something is wrong. Fortunately, her full update reveals nothing is wrong with anyone in the family. So, what exactly did she and Eric need prayers for?

Courtney explained that she and Eric were taking off this morning with all nine children. They were going on a family vacation. More specifically, they were going to Dollywood. Courtney reminded fans that she took the kids on vacation there once before. It was filmed and featured on Sweet Home Sextuplets. She, however, also reminds fans they had a whole village of adults that went with them to help manage the kids on the trip.

Courtney Waldrop - Feature
Courtney Waldrop

This time, however, Eric and Courtney were ambitiously going on vacation alone. She jested it would either be a lot of fun or a huge mistake. She, however, hoped fans would shoot off a few prayers that they managed to make it back home with all nine children they leave with.

Overwhelmed by last-minute packing

Courtney Waldrop admits that packing for a family of 11 to go anywhere is far from a fun task. She recognizes that waiting until the last minute to pack is a huge hassle. She, however, admits the family is so big that it is hard to pack early because she feels like she continues to need a lot of what she packs.

The Sweet Home Sextuplets star was hanging out in a closet as she raced to get last-minute packing done. There didn’t appear to be a child anywhere in sight while she packed. So, fans assumed daddy Eric Waldrop was keeping them entertained somewhere else while mommy raced to get things ready.

Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

Arguably, some fans take issue with Courtney asking for prayers as she prepped to go on a vacation with her children. Likewise, some fans think it is a bit hypocritical that she continues to share so much on social media after deciding to walk away from the show.

Do you think Courtney Waldrop is justified in wanting prayers before her family vacation? Or, do you agree with fans that are calling her a big dramatic? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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  1. First – I despise it when people post requests for prayers and don’t tell you what it is for. That automatically makes you want to know.

    Secondly – Courtney has a right to post whatever she wants when she wants. How some can consider her “hypocritical” is insane. Did I love the show? Yes. Do I miss it? Yes. They made a decision that was best for their family and not for their fans. Do I think she is being dramatic? Maybe, but that is HER personality. That is why you fell in love with her. Do I think she should be asking for prayers? That is up to her. Prayers go a long way for people who have faith. Walk a mile in her shoes before you judge her. If you don’t like how she acts or what she posts then unfollow her. (I say a prayer that they decide to come back on television again some day).

    1. WE AGREED 100% with your comment, Lin on July 17, 2022!!! Yes, it’s nice to hear about the updates about their family, but “would I want to be in their shoes”? No… God is in control of everything. Have a blessed day… ❤️🤗🤗’s from Ohio

  2. I think about all the realty shows that feature all the babies we have been watching grow up, but hard to find them anymore! Ijust saw Out daughters and they have grown,but hard to find Sweet Home Alabama baby boys now; do hope and pray all is going well for all the babies who are more than likely 5- 7 years old by now! So just checking on them !We really would like to know how they are all doing too,Thank you,Jess

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