‘Bachelor’ Real Reason Zach Shallcross Told His & Gabi’s Secret

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The Bachelor Zach Shallcross caused a lot of hurt and a lot of drama when he revealed to the world that he was intimate with Gabi Elnicki. Fantasy Suite Week turned bad after Zach decided he was not going to be intimate with any of the women during what he deemed “sex week.” He failed. Zach ended up sleeping with Gabi and vowed to her to keep things private just between them. He failed at that too. Now, he’s opening up about why he decided to share their secret with Kaity and with the entire world. Keep reading to find out more.

Zach Shallcross reveals real reason he told everyone his and Gabi’s secret

US Weekly shared what Zach Shallcross had to say about this mistake that caused so much pain to Gabi. Originally after both consented to be intimate with one another, Zach agreed to keep it between them and never tell their secret. However, he went to her later that day and said he needed to speak the truth. Why? Bottom line is that Zach says he felt guilty.

Zach said, “In that moment, I told her, I was like, ‘OK, yes, this can be a secret.’ And the guilt ate at me.” He shared that he went to Gabi with the purest intentions and never wanted to hurt her.

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He went to her and said he felt bad about what he’d done not in a regret-her kind of way but more so because he went against what his own intentions were.

Zach also claims he didn’t know the one was Kaity when he told her about being intimate with Gabi. He said he never looked at things like that or really looked at things too much in advance. He wanted to keep each relationship separate and just soak in every moment and conversation with each of his ladies.

In the end, it was guilt that led him to tell Kaity which ultimately meant telling the world. He knows things could have been handled differently and he does regret that.

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What Gabi had to say

During her time confronting Zach on After the Final Rose, Gabi was visibly upset and broken. She said, “It was consensual, and it was what we wanted. We decided that it was going to be between us. We said that night. And I remember I was brushing my teeth, you came up behind me, you kissed me on the back of my head, you said, ‘This is just between us.’ And I said, ‘Yes, this is just between us.’” She went on to say, “I thought it was love. I thought it was more than a TV show. I get it, sex sells, but now I’ve become a narrative.”

Zach didn’t have a lot to say during his time on stage with her. He did apologize and recognize how upset she was. However, nothing could change what had already happened.

As far as Kaity and Gabi being friends, Kaity has shared their status which you can ready by clicking here.

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