‘Bachelor’ Kaity Reveals Where Friendship Stands With Gabi Now

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The Bachelor winner Kaity Biggar is opening up about where her friendship stands with Gabi Elnicki after learning she was intimate with Zach Shallcross. After learning from Zach that he was sexual with Gabi, Kaity still wanted to move forward with Zach, but did she want to move forward with Gabi? Keep reading to find out what she had to say.

Where does Kaity and Gabi’s friendship stand after fantasy suites?

One would think that someone perhaps wouldn’t want to remain friends with someone after learning they slept with their fiance. However, this is not the case for Kaity and Gabi. These two have no plans to ruin their friendship even though Kaity is now engaged to Zach and Gabi left with a broken heart.

US Weekly shared what Kaity had to say about her friendship with Gabi following Monday night’s big finale. It turns out she and Gabi will remain close and even have trips planned together along with a few other ladies from Zach’s season. Kaity believes the runner-up has a heart of gold and she has a lot of respect for her.

Kaity noted she knew that Zach had a difficult decision to make because she did think so highly of Gabi.

She also shared that she believes the whole situation made her and Zach come out stronger. She wasn’t happy with his decision and even his telling her about being intimate with Gabi but also noted that she was not in his shoes. Kaity does not believe Zach had bad intentions. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Kaity felt Zach was trying to do the right thing and instead he muddied the water a bit. She thinks her fiance has an “amazing heart.”


Zach’s thoughts

Zach took complete responsibility for the drama that occurred because of his “sex-week” fiasco. Originally The Bachelor agreed to keep his sexual encounter with Gabi a secret. However, the guilt ate at him and he felt it needed to be shared with Kaity. He admits things could have been handled better and he owns that. However, he does hope that Gabi knows his intentions were always pure.

Zach was trying to keep things uncomplicated for fantasy suite week and in turn made things way worse.

In the end, he chose Kaity and the two are happily engaged and still together.

What do you think about Kaity and Gabi remaining tight after everything that went down on Zach’s season of The Bachelor?


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  1. It’s a reality show. The contestants know what they are getting into when they join. Ridiculous if you ask me

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