Zach Shallcross Reveals Timeline Switch Changed Perception

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The Bachelor Zach Shallcross is sharing details about how a timeline switch changed everyone’s perception. What happened and what is he talking about? Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelor Zach Shallcross clarifies the timeline switch

Zach Shallcross made a lot of mistakes in many fans’ eyes during his time as The Bachelor. Of course, fans were angry over fantasy suite week. Fans then saw him declare during the finale episode that he knew Kaity was the one. Fans were not happy because ABC showed Zach’s final date with Kaity first. Then, they showed his final date with Gabi.

If this was the order in which the dates occurred then this outraged many fans as they believed this meant he used and led on his second-place winner, Gabi Elnicki. Is this how it went down?

During the live portion after the final rose ceremony, Zach denied stringing along Gabi.

Gabi/The Bachelor/YouTube

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Zach and he explained the situation further. It turns out production had everyone fooled once again. Zach said, “The beauty of reality TV and editing. It was actually not in that order.” Yes, that is correct. Gabi’s date actually took place before Kaity’s although the show reversed their order during airtime.

Zach continued saying, “I never want there to be this false narrative, but from what I said, it was true. When I had that date with Gabi, leaving it, I wasn’t fully sure. My mind [was not] made up at all, but when I saw Kaity the next day, I was like, ‘Duh, it’s you. It’s been you.'”

Kaity Biggar via YouTube

Kaity’s thoughts on his tough decision

Zach shared that Kaity doesn’t hold all this against him. She knew he had a tough decision and stands by the fact that Gabi is an incredible woman. In fact, the two continue to remain great friends.

She even admits to tearing up when watching the season and seeing how upset Gabi was. She felt for Gabi and the heartbreak she was going through.

As for her new fiance, Kaity is in love and loves everything about Zach. She said, “He’s so selfless and he always just makes sure that I’m doing OK and just is completely there for me. He’s so thoughtful. I could honestly go on and on and on about him, but everything to me is perfect about him, and I’m so lucky, so grateful.”

What do you think about production swapping the order of the dates for editing purposes? Do you think Zach chose the right woman?

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