Sean Lowe Weighs In On Zach Shallcross ‘Sex-Week’ Drama

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Sean Lowe, one of the only leads from The Bachelor still in a relationship, weighed in on Zach Shallcross and his final week on the show. Sean has played the role of senior advisor to Zach showing up in the first episode to give him some advice. While Sean had a successful season and is still married to his winner, he acknowledged not everyone’s experience is going to be the same. In the finale, where Zach could finally reveal who he was with, Sean and his wife Catherine Lowe were in attendance.

Zach told Sean going into Fantasy Suites that he wouldn’t sleep with any of his final three and went on to fail in that endeavor. He slept with Gabi Elnicki and had to eat his words. Sean weighed in on his ‘sex-week’ fail when Jesse Palmer asked him what he thought. Read on to see what he said.

Sean Lowe Joked About How Zach Handled Fantasy Suite Week

Sean Lowe is notorious for his sense of humor. He often has fans rolling with his clever Instagram captions. When asked how Sean felt about how Zach handled things, he joked. According to US Weekly, Sean said, “[he navigated the overnights] terribly. … I kid.” He went on to say he thought Zach was in a difficult situation. Lots of leads agree it isn’t something you can judge if you aren’t in the situation. Emotions are high and you don’t have the time needed to think about such important decisions.

Sean Lowe, Instagram
Sean Lowe, Instagram

He said Zach asked him how he would have approached it. Sean shared it wasn’t his plan, but he said just because he gave him an opinion didn’t mean he had to follow it. He thinks it’s good that he was honest and told Kaity so it wasn’t something just now coming out. However, Zach wasn’t honest with all three ladies. Ariel revealed she found out that he’d slept with Gabi watching the show play out on television. She said she was disappointed in how the whole week was handled and that she wasn’t told about the intimacy.

Zach Shallcross, Instagram
Zach Shallcross, Instagram

Zach Is Happy With His Final Decision

Sean Lowe said he isn’t surprised Zach broke his word and ended up having sex. Lowe said, “that’s the nature of the beast.” For Zach’s part, he said a couple of months ago he’s happy with how everything turned out. Zach said, “I’m very happy with how things worked out and everything happened for a reason.” In the finale where Zach proposed to Kaity Biggar, he sent Gabi home heartbroken.

Despite the criticism he’s faced online, he’s still engaged to Kaity and seems happy with his decision. What do you think about Sean’s opinion on Zach’s broken promise? Comment with your thoughts below.

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