Sean & Catherine Lowe Put Rumors To Rest With Milestone

Sean and Catherine Lowe, YouTube

Sean and Catherine Lowe of The Bachelor remain a fan-favorite couple. More so, the two just celebrated nine years of marriage. The couple, who met and got engaged on Season 17 of The Bachelor, have three children. To celebrate the momentous occasion, they went to Disney World. Now, keep in mind that Sean Lowe was in the final three on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette. Of course, fans were thrilled when he got his chance to find love.

Sean, who always writes funny captions, shared one when about marrying his best friend. He said, “I never would’ve guessed all this time later we’d be in Disney world with our 3 kids contemplating how we screwed things up so badly.” Obviously, he doesn’t truly feel that way and Sean and Catherine’s relationship serves as an example for all other Bachelor couples. So much so, that Sean has been on the newest season giving Zach Shallcross advice.

Sean & Catherine Lowe Aren’t Going Anywhere

Bachelor Nation has been all a buzz that there’s some big news coming up soon. There have been rumors lately that another Bachelor couple is about to divorce. Deanna and Stephen Staggliano just announced that they were over. An internet rumor turned quickly into a mystery for fans to try to chase down. The rumor also said they are waiting for the attention of the Stagglianos to die down before they come clean.

Sean and Catherine Lowe, YouTube
Sean and Catherine Lowe, Youtube

Fans don’t believe it’s Sean and Catherine because they just seem so happy together. Furthermore, they don’t think they’d surprise their kids with a trip if they were having trouble. According to Bachelor Nation, Catherine posted a picture from their wedding and captioned it, “nine.” Fans and family shared their love for the couple. One fan said, “ok all these divorce rumors, and I ran to your ig – happy 9 years y’all!:”

He Shared Some Tips For Relationships

Sean and Catherine Lowe still have to work on keeping their spark going. He shared having date nights two times a week is one way they do that. With three children, it talks a bit more effort to stay connected. When he was giving advice to Zach in between yelling at him in the gym, he talked about his season. He told him Catherine wasn’t his pick from the beginning but she surprised him. He said to be open to everything, the person for you might not necessarily be your type.

Sean and Catherine Low, YouTube
Sean and Catherine Lowe, YouTube

More so, he added that ultimately you want to marry your best friend, that’s the reason you’re here. Zach really appreciated Sean’s advice as he’s aiming for love as he has with Catherine. This seems like good advice for the newcomer. So, are you surprised Sean and Catherine made it nine years? Which couple do you think could be getting divorced? Finally, read more about Zach’s journey here. Comment with your thoughts down below.

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