Clayton Echard Defends Zach Shallcross After ‘Sex Week’

Clayton Echard and Zach Shallcross

Clayton Echard is weighing in on Zach Shallcross and how his Fantasy Suite week was handled. The two have a lot in common and it goes beyond just being the lead. Clayton and Zach have been the recipients of some unfavorable comments online.

Clayton Echard revealed to his final girls, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia that, despite telling them both he loved them, his heart was with Susie Evans. She had already departed the series. He received a lot of hate online and messages that were pretty cruel. It did a great deal of damage to his mental well-being.

Zach had a different experience with what has been dubbed ‘sex week.’ He made a promise he wouldn’t have sex in the fantasy suites, then he did. Zach then told the other women he didn’t sleep with which could be a vital mistake. Read on to see what Clayton thought about it all.

What Did Clayton Echard Say About Zach’s Week

Clayton Echard went on Instagram to give his thoughts on how Zach handled what happened. According to Bachelor Nation, he said he wanted to let everyone know that during filming, there is no privacy. He commented to the fans saying Zach should have kept that he was intimate with Gabi Elnicki to himself. Short of the time in the Fantasy Suites together, he says there is not a moment of privacy so things do ultimately come out.

Clayton Echard, YouTube
Clayton Echard, YouTube

Clayton said he’d heard some people saying Zach should have waited until the show was over. Echard noted, “there is a risk in withholding that information.” When you are happy and engaged at the end of the show, then you have to share that secret. It’s sometimes better to be truthful as soon as you can.

Sharing Information At The End Can Go Two Ways

Clayton Echard said there are two separate scenarios that can come from telling someone after the show is over.  One side of that would be them being thankful they didn’t learn the information in front of the world. The other side would be the person saying you should have told me that sooner and then we’d not be engaged.

There’s a lot to think about when making decisions like that, and it’s not an environment that allows clear thinking. While Clayton said he can’t speak for Zach, he can share what happened on his show. He said when women shared their feelings and he didn’t immediately validate them, they started questioning him. Clayton shared his emotions to make sure he didn’t lose someone he cared about.

Clayton Echard, YouTube
Clayton Echard, YouTube

While trying to protect everyone you withhold information, but then you can lose someone because they don’t know where you stand. According to Clayton, it was a really tough spot. In an ideal world, he thinks it would be great to know immediately who you were in love with, but that isn’t the reality. Furthermore, he said Zach made mistakes but he thinks he can be given grace. What do you think about Clayton’s take on things? Comment with your thoughts below.



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