‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Vannessa Cross Shows Off Cute, Slim Face

Vannessa Cross- TLC

Vannessa Cross from 1000-Lb Best Friends has worked hard to lose weight and keep it off. Her fans have been very happy for her since she had gastric bypass surgery. Vannessa has stepped it up and shown everyone that she could do it. In her most recent post on Instagram, she shared a glimpse of her new look.

The Cute, New Face Of Vanness Cross

Vannessa Cross often shares with her fans on social media. In her recent photo on Instagram, she showed her fans that she was feeling cute. Her photo showed just how much weight she has lost. She captioned it, “Feeling cute today!” Vannessa was wearing lipstick and looked very thin in the face. As soon as her fans saw this, they were quick to share what they thought about how thin she looked.

Vannessa Cross- Instagram
Vannessa Cross- Instagram

One of her fans told her, “You look amazing! I am so happy for you and your journey!”Another added, “You are beautiful, inside and out! This was the inspiration that I needed today!” A final fan added, “I follow your story and I am so motivated to do the same! Thank you for being you!”

Vannessa And Her Best Friends

1000-Lb Best Friends shared not only Vannessa Cross’ story but her closest three friends as well. Recently, some of her followers brought up the question of why her friends don’t show her support. It turns out that these fans have noticed on social media that Vannessa gets very little praise from her friends. As much as she promotes her weight loss journey, why are her friends not there to support her?

Why aren’t her friends stepping up and supporting her the way that she does? She has done everything she can to push them to do their best, but they won’t take the time to boost her on social media. Her fans have started to feel bad about the way her friends treat her. Are they jealous of her for losing weight and finding motivation?

Vannessa Cross- Instagram
Vannessa Cross- Instagram

It turns out that Vannessa has done all the work in order to meet her goal weight and her friends could show up for this, according to her fans. No matter what Vannessa shares on Instagram, her fans continue to show her support in hopes that her friends will show that same support. They will continue to keep an eye out for those comments of praise.

What do you think of Vannessa Cross’ newest look? Do you think that she has lost even more weight? Do you think she deserves more support from her fans? We would love to hear your comments below. Be sure to stick with TV Shows Ace for more Vannessa and 1000-Lb Best Friends. 

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