‘1000-Lb Best Friends’: Vannessa Cross Reveals A Tragic Loss

Vannessa Cross from TLC, 1000-Lb Best Friends

1000-Lb Best Friends Season 2 is well underway now. This year, fans are getting to see more of the women and catch glimpses of their family members here and there. Tina’s husband and children have bigger roles on the show this year and fans are also seeing more of Meghan’s fiance. Vannessa’s sister played a bigger role in Season 1, but this year she’s focused on helping her son work on his health.

Vannessa Cross has quickly become a fan favorite and has proved she’s a hard worker. But right now, her heart is broken. The TLC star said a tearful goodbye to a loved one this weekend.

1000-Lb Best Friends star Vannessa says goodbye to a dear family member

As Season 2 continues, many 1000-Lb Best Friends are convinced that Vannessa Cross can do anything she sets her mind to. She lost a tremendous amount of weight between the first and second seasons. Right now, she’s the thinnest member of the iconic girl gang.

This is great news for Vannessa, but things still aren’t perfect for the reality TV star. She had some pretty sad news to share with her audience members this weekend.

Vannessa Cross from Instagram
Vannessa Cross/Instagram

It appears that Vannessa’s grandmother passed away. She hadn’t spoken much about her grandmother publically, but it seemed as if the two were close on some level.

“My grandmother Eldora passed yesterday 😢😢 She is with GOD now. 🙏🏻🙏🏻” the TLC star posted on her Instagram page. She uploaded several photos of her beloved grandma. The photos seem to indicate that Eldora wasn’t in the best of health when she passed away.

Vannessa Cross' grandma from Instagram
Vannessa Cross/Instagram

Sending love and prayers to the entire family ❤️” Vannessa’s co-star Meghan Crumpler wrote in the comments. Several fans left kind words for Vannessa and her family members in the comment section of the post.

Season 2 has already finished filming, but this loss could play a role in Season 3. Fans will have to stay tuned for more information.

The other women strive to keep up with Vannessa Cross — but will it be easy?

So far, Vannessa has been the most successful this season. All four women on 1000-Lb Best Friends would love to meet their goals. However, they keep suffering setbacks and challenges.

Meghan Crumpler has also made amazing progress, but this season she is really butting heads with Dr. Procter. Some fans even believe that she’s jealous of Vannessa’s progress, which is making her dig in her heels.

In reality, Meghan claims that her weight issues are actually because of her extensive medical issues. To treat the conditions, she takes steroids. These also unfortunately make it difficult for her to lose weight.

Either way, all the 1000-Lb Best Friends cast members have their own sets of challenges. Fans hope in time they will be able to overcome them and achieve real progress.

Check back soon for more news and updates on the show.

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