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‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Fans Shocked Over Vannessa’s New Look

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1000-Lb Best Friends cast member, Vannessa Cross has shown so much motivation since she first appeared on the show. Fans have applauded her motivation and dedication to her weight loss journey. Vannessa has been working on getting to her goal weight to qualify for weight loss surgery. It turns out that some fans think that she has already had it by the way that she looks. Just recently, she went Live on Instagram. Fans were shocked at her new look!

Vannessa Cross Stuns Viewers

No matter what stress or tough conditions Vannessa has been put through, she has kept her eyes on the prize. When she and her friends were sent away for Fit Farm, they were put into hard situations. Their bodies took a beating, but Vanessa just knew the outcome would be great. She pushed her limits and has done everything she can to lose weight. In fact, she has been one of Dr. Proctor’s biggest success stories to date. It is obvios just by looking at her that she has put in the work.

Vannessa Cross- Instagram
Vannessa Cross- Instagram

In a new live video that Vannessa did for her fans, she showed off her thinner look. Her fans were shocked to see her looking so good. A thread on Reddit began just about how amazing she looks these days. One Redditor wrote, “I’ve only watched the show a handful of time but it seem like Vannessa is the only one taking it seriously. The other girls seem to give up when it gets too difficult. And I get it. Working out and changing your diet can be difficult but NOT changing can be even worse.” Another added, “What I love about this is how she completely turned around! She was so against it in the beginning and she now is the biggest cheerleader for herself, her son, and for her three friends. She looks amazing. When she gets that skin removed and fixes up her teeth she is going to be a freaking knockout!!! I just love her bluntness, her sense of humor, and her compassion. She is very inspirational.”

Vannessa’s New Lease On Life

No matter what Vannessa has been through, she has done nothing but push herself and her friends to be their best. After all of her work is finally done, fans feel that she is going to be a brand new person. She has already started to work on her confidence again. Vannessa seems ready to hit on men at bars and work on herself. Fans are clearly impressed with her and all of the work that she has done for herself.

Vannessa Cross- TLC
Vannessa Cross- TLC

How do you think Vannessa looks now? Do you think that she has done the best out of all of the friends? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb Best Friends.


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