Nashville Elementary Shooting: Is Chloe Chrisley Alright?

Chloe Chrisley - Instagram-stories

As Chrisley Knows Best fans learn of the shooting in Nashville, Tennessee that took place on Monday at an elementary school called Covenant School, they’ve rushed to social media to confirm that Chloe Chrisley was alright. As far as fans know, a private Christian elementary school is exactly the type of school Chloe would attend. Is she alright?

Savannah Chrisley - Chloe Chrisley Youtube
Savannah Chrisley – Chloe Chrisley Youtube

Nashville Elementary Shooting: Is Chloe Chrisley Alright?

Chrisley Knows Best fans rushed to Reddit to ask questions about what school Chloe Chrisley attended. Was her school the one involved in the shooting? Was she alright?

After a bit of back-and-forth banter, some fans pointed out that Todd Chrisley had opened up about Chloe having an issue with bullying and racism at the private school she was attending. This largely stemmed from her being the only girl of her skin color at the school. For Chloe’s safety and mental health, she was pulled from the school and moved somewhere else.

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah Chrisley – Instagram

Here’s what some fans had to say on the thread:

In regards to whether or not it was Chloe’s school: “I’m pretty sure it is. All the Nashville influencers have been updating about their kids as well so I’m sure this is the school they all go to. It’s a private Christian school.”

“I don’t think its Chloe’s school only because I remember a long Time ago on Chrisley confessions Todd said they pulled her out of private school due to some racist things happening to her,” Another fan chimed in.

Chloe - Savannah - Chrisley - Instagram

Savannah Chrisley shared an update on her little sister

Unsurprisingly, Savannah received TONS of messages from concerned fans. So, she took to her Instagram Stories with a photo to confirm that her sister Chloe was alright. Sharing a photo of herself embracing Chloe, she penned that she was “so grateful” she was alright.

In a series of video clips from her car, Savannah admitted she felt a sense of guilt wash over her as she reassured everyone Chloe was completely safe. She explained she felt guilty because she knew there were other parents that were not so lucky. Parents that were not able to take their children home from school that day.

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah Chrisley – Instagram

Devastated, Savannah Chrisley begged for change as she pointed out children are becoming the victims of a world that refuses to change. She questioned when would enough be enough. When would things change?

The rest of the Chrisley family joined Savannah in saying prayers on their Instagram Stories as they thanked God that Chloe was alright.

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