Kyle Chrisley Breaks Silence Following Felony Arrest

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Kyle Chrisley has finally broken his silence following his felony arrest. What did Todd Chrisley’s oldest child have to say? Has he said anything specifically about his arrest? Where did he break his silence exactly? Scroll down for the details.

Kyle Chrisley breaks silence following felony arrest

As those who follow Chrisley news are aware, Kyle Chrisley was arrested for aggravated felony assault earlier this month. He reportedly wielded a weapon and threatened to stab and kill his supervisor. If convicted, Kyle could end up serving more time behind bars than his father. Fans, however, were quick to point out that was the maximum sentence and that it was unrealistic he would get much more than half of that sentencing (assuming he received that much).

Chloe & Kyle Chrisley [Kyle Chrisley | Instagram]
[Kyle Chrisley | Instagram]
Fans know Kyle was released on bond and they know he was expected back in court on March 20th. What fans don’t know is what Kyle or his wife are thinking at this moment. At this point in time, there hasn’t been anyone within the Chrisley family to speak out on his arrest. So, fans were a bit surprised to see Kyle suddenly post on his Instagram Stories. His post, however, had nothing to do with his arrest. Given the fact that his biological daughter once went to a private Christian school in Nashville, it isn’t too surprising to see him posting about this.

Kyle Chrisley Sending Cryptic Messages About Dad, What Now? [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]

What did he post about?

As those who have been watching hew news know, there was a school shooting at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville. Presently, it has been reported that a 28-year-old woman who was believed to previously be a student of the school was the shooter. It has also been reported that three children and three adults lost their lives.

Kyle Chrisley took to Instagram to share his thoughts and prayers with those families that lost a loved one as a result of the school shooting. Kyle begged God to be with the families during this difficult time.

Kyle Chrisley - Instagram
Kyle Chrisley – Instagram

Unsurprisingly, Kyle was not alone. Nearly, every member of the Chrisley family including Emmy Medders (Chase’s future wife) took to Instagram to say prayers to the families who lost someone as a result of this devastating shooting.

Presently, there have not been any updates on Kyle Chrisley’s arrest. But, Tv Shows Ace will keep you posted when new information becomes available.

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