Chase Chrisley’s Future Wife Crosses Perfect Legs In Fluffy Robe

Emmy Medders [Source: YouTube]

Chase Chrisley and his future wife Emmy Medders continue to make news. The blonde beauty crossed her perfect legs in a fluffy white robe. Keep on reading to learn more and see the shot for yourself.

Emmy Medders crosses her legs in a white robe

On Monday, March 27, Chase Chrisley’s fiance Emmy Medders posted three new photos on Instagram. The first one featured her in a fluffy white robe. Emmy crossed her legs and smiled at the camera. She held fragrance sticks in her hand. In front of her was a white marble coffee table with a lit candle on top of a magazine.

Emmy Medders [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Emmy sat on a beige couch with a black print throw pillow. Behind her was a cream color wall with a large oval mirror. The reality star wore her blonde hair in a low bun. She also had on a full face of makeup with gold hoop earrings.

In the next shot, Emmy struck up a pose in her robe. She smoldered at the camera this time around. The third and final photo was a close-up of a black coffee table book with the title Chanel: Collections and Creations. On top of the book were the candle and fragrance sticks from Hotel Collection.

Emmy Medders Crosses Legs In White Robe [Source: Emmy Medders - Instagram]
[Source: Emmy Medders – Instagram]
“Creating the best atmosphere at home, ☁️” Emmy Medders wrote in the caption. “Currently burning My Way inspired by 1 Hotel Miami.❤️”

Fans took to the comment section to react. Most of them were in awe of Chase Chrisley’s future wife, while others shared their thoughts on her fragrance collection. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Love it! Have it in my home office.”
  • “Beyond gorgeous. I need those scents!! Ordering now!!”
  • “@emmymedders I hope they DO come back!!”
  • “So flawless every time!!!!”
  • “Gorgeous! Love u!”
  • I was just looking for his candles yesterday for my son! Hopefully, they come back soon!❤️

Chase Chrisley’s future wife shared another photo

This isn’t the only shot that Emmy Medders shared. She previously shared a photo of herself in her fluffy white robe. This time, Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend took a selfie of herself with her gold and black phone. She matched her phone case with her sparkly gold jewelry.

Emmy Medders captioned the shot: “Reality is I’m in bed rn. 💭”

Emmy Medders Snaps Selfie In Robe [Source: Emmy Medders - Instagram]
[Source: Emmy Medders – Instagram]
She admitted that she was sharing an unrealistic glam photo. It turns out the outtake was from her collaboration with Hotel Collection. She’s making good use of Chase Chrisley’s fanbase by becoming an influencer. This isn’t the first time that she’s tried cashing in on her following.

What are your thoughts on Chase Chrisley’s future wife crossing her legs in a fluffy robe? Do you agree that she looks stunning? Have you ever tried these candles and fragrances? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. with everything going on in the news this is all you could write about someone crossing there legs. Wow hope she don’t sneeze it might make headlines. as for as the chrisley she’s not even top 6 they are trying to get threw life as best they can and she acts like she the queen if it wasn’t for them No one would know who she was.

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