‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Fans Demand Chris, Amanda & Misty TLC Show

Amanda, Misty, and Chris- TLC

Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters have been following the weight loss journeys of Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton for years. The show began with their stories. It has slowly added in some of their siblings, Chris, Amanda, and Misty. After seeing more of them, fans have started to want more. In fact, now fans are asking TLC to start a spin-off show with the three of them.

Redditors Speak Our About 1000-Lb Sisters

It never takes long for Redditors to share exactly how they are feeling when it comes to their favorite shows. The cast of 1000-Lb Sisters has been getting a lot of attention lately. Chris, Amanda, and Misty are the ones who are getting the most praise though. One Redditor posed the question if anyone else wanted to see a spin-off series with these three. There were plenty of fans who agreed and added comments of their own.

Chris Combs- TLC
Chris Combs- TLC

One wrote, “These three with witty humor, and common sense Chris, Amanda, Misty. They would be fun on adventures.” Another added, “Chris, Amanda, and Misty are brilliant. Chris and his pearls of wisdom always make me happy.” It turns out that fans love to see these three on the show and would love to see even more of them!

Changes In The Siblings

With everything happening in the lives of Amy and Tammy, their siblings have flown under the radar for quite some time. However, this season has really helped them stand out. Chris has gone through weight loss surgery. He is attempting to qualify for skin removal surgery as well. Every time he works out or exercises, his skin gets in the way. His fans are cheering for him to have this done as soon as possible.

As Misty and Amanda have watched Amy and Tammy go through their weight loss journeys, they have decided that they need to hop on that train too. They have started watching what they eat and working out again. They are aware of how much weight they have gained. As they watched Tammy go through her health issues, they felt the need to work on their health as well.

Amanda Halterman- TLC
Amanda Halterman- TLC

TLC has come up with some really bizarre shows in the past, but a spin-off to 1000-Lb Sisters would be just what fans want. With the addition of Chris, Misty, and Amanda, the ratings must have gone up. These three have great advice for their sisters, as well as hilarious one-liners.

What would you think of a spin-off with these three? Would you watch it? Do you think that they really bring comic relief to the show? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb Sisters. 

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  1. I would watch it . TIme to have someone who does not portray Southern people as rednecks with no education, self control or ability to wear nothing but stained, ill fitting. Would be nice to see a Southern woman who knows how to dress including bra

    1. I love the show and wish all the success and happiness life has to offer to the entire family. TLC should be paying everyone in this family more money and compensation for appearing in the show with its increasing popularity. I want to see each of them living in nice homes with pools and enjoying the finer things life has to offer, especially mom Darlene, whose life has not been easy.

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