Paedon Brown Breaks Silence About Christine’s New Man

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Sister Wives fans think Paedon Brown is channeling his father when it comes to his feelings for his mother’s boyfriend David. Turns out, Paedon is not as supportive of his mother’s relationship as the rest of her children. In fact, he has all but admitted he has no desire to have any sort of relationship with the new man in his mother’s life.

Paedon Brown channels his inner Kody

Sister Wives fans have always agreed that Paedon Brown reminds them of his father Kody. Fans consider this comparison to be ironic considering Paedon has openly admitted he has no relationship with his father, Meri, or Robyn. As far as Paedon is concerned, he has only ever had two mothers. Janelle and Christine.

On TikTok, Paedon Brown has also always been very open about how much he loved his mother. He considers her to be an amazing person and is constantly speaking very highly of her. Paedon, however, did admit he regretted bringing Janelle and Christine onto TikTok because he realized he had to worry about them watching the videos he posts.

On a recent TikTok Live session, Paedon Brown was really channeling his inner Kody as he admitted he just wasn’t feeling his mother’s boyfriend. The age gap makes it too uncomfortable to develop any kind of friendship as they really don’t have anything in common. Paedon has tried not to dive too deep into the discussion and he didn’t really want it to seem like he wasn’t supporting his mother wanting to find someone new to be with. But, it was apparent he just didn’t care for David.

On TikTok Live, Paedon described his mother’s boyfriend as “standoffish.”

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Fans have mixed feelings about the relationship

On one hand, fans want nothing more than for Christine to be in a happy relationship with someone who treats her right. Fans, however, question if Christine could ever find someone who wasn’t also using her for clout. Likewise, fans also worry Christine Brown’s boyfriend might be using her for her money. At one point in time, there were reports making rounds that David Woolley struggled financially after his wife passed away. Other reports, however, argue that he has a successful business and doesn’t need Christine’s money.

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At the end of the day, fans agree that Truely Brown is the only opinion Christine should be concerned about as Truely is the only child still under her roof. While Christine loves her adult children, only Christine knows what makes her happy. And, if David Woolley is what makes her happy… That is all she should worry about.

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