‘Survivor’ 44 Player Denies Elimination Over Laziness

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The most recent Survivor boot has come under fire from Jeff Probst for several episodes. It was due to the way the editing and the storytelling of the episode went. Therefore, it leads viewers to believe this newest boot left the show due to just plain laziness. However, the contestant has recently come to their own defense, citing other reasons for the elimination. Was their elimination truly due to a lack of playing any challenges?

The Lazy Vote

Claire of the Sokka tribe was eliminated from Survivor 44, Episode 3. The only challenge she participated in the entire season was the opening challenge in Episode 1. Jeff asked her multiple times before challenges if she was comfortable with sitting out so much. Ultimately, it seemed as though it cost her the game. Yet, she has a different view of things.

claire survivor 44
Claire of ‘Survivor’ Season 44

“I definitely don’t think it was the main factor,” said Claire in her Rob Has A Podcast exit interview. “I think it makes sense, it’s a very easy way to corral people and to talk, especially early on. I do not think me sitting out was the reason I went home. I think it was a smart strategic move, specifically by Danny, to take me out. I think he clocked me as the threat that I am.”

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There is some evidence from the episode to suggest her sitting out wasn’t the sole reason for her elimination. Matt was a major target due to his showmance with Frannie. But the target on both of them grows much smaller once Matt reveals he found an idol (It’s fake, but only Danny knows that). That leaves Claire as an easy target for the rest of the tribe using her lack of challenge performance as an excuse. Really, challenge performance isn’t so big a factor in modern Survivor. Unless we’re talking about challenge beasts in the post-merge, who usually have big targets. Leave a comment about whether you think Claire’s elimination was due to her challenge performance or something else.

Survivor 44 Rule Change

Jeff addressed the rule that allows someone like Claire to sit out of every challenge in his podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst. In the episode that follows Season 44, episode 3 of Survivor, Jeff admitted that the rule needs addressing. In previous eras of the show, there was usually one challenge for reward and one for immunity in every episode. That hasn’t been the case in recent seasons. The reward and immunity challenges have combined, for the most part, in the pre-merge to make for just one challenge per episode. There is a rule that a contestant can’t sit out back-to-back challenges between reward and immunity. Claire was able to sit out nearly every challenge due to the lack of separate reward and immunity challenges this season. It seems as though her fate may result in a re-evaluation of this rule in the future.

Do you think Claire should have stayed longer? Let us know your thoughts and watch Survivor Season 44 every Wednesday night.

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