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‘Survivor’ 44 Has A Major Showmance Blooming

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This new era of Survivor has been completely devoid of juicy showmances, until now. It seems as though some feelings are brewing between two of the new castmates in Season 44. There are very clearly hearts in eyes and futures being planned. Yet, could it all fall apart before the end of the season? Or are emotions being manipulated for the purpose of strategy? That does tend to be the MO for Survivor, but let’s take a closer look at the show’s newest crush and see for certain.

A Brand New Showmance

The two players clearly crushing on each other as of Season 44, Episode 2 are Matt and Frannie. The possibly-soon-to-be couple is currently sharing the Soka tribe together. Now, fellow tribemates are already starting to notice the two as a pair. This could be dangerous for each of their games.

survivor 44 matt
Matt from ‘Survivor’ Season 44

Matt doesn’t seem super bothered by this, though. He says in one of the episode’s confessionals that he’s just recently gone through a breakup. And it seems like he’s looking at Frannie as his island rebound. Frannie, on the other hand, doesn’t have feelings that are so clear to the audience at the moment. She doesn’t specifically mention having romantic feelings for Matt in any of the confessionals in Episode 2. She does mention being very close with Matt and expresses concern that closeness could jeopardize her own longevity in the game.

survivor 44 soka tribe
The Soka tribe on ‘Survivor’ 44

So is it possible we could see a betrayal at some point for the purpose of Frannie salvaging her own strategic alliances? Maybe. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a Survivor crush turn to tears. There’s no word from Matt or Frannie outside of the game as to whether they’ve begun dating or not. We won’t know that until after the season ends and the two are allowed to speak more about life since filming wrapped. However, we could be seeing the newest Survivor relationship beginning to form, though.

Survivor 44

Episode 2 of Season 44 was far tamer in comparison to Episode 1, which was full of injuries, advantages, and crazy characters. That doesn’t mean Episode 2 isn’t still a highly-entertaining Survivor episode, though. The cast is still firmly carrying this season, with characters like Carolyn being entertaining purely through her kooky body language and bird-cage-related antics. It was an episode without any notable accomplishments or major records being broken. The boot was also fairly uninteresting, as we don’t really see enough of Helen to have much investment in her leaving the game. The hype for Season 44 is certainly still high after Episode 2. Plus, Episode 3 may just delve right back into the craziness, and even the hot romance.

New episodes of Survivor Season 44 are premiering every Wednesday.

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