Netflix Bends To Cancel Culture: Quietly Axes ‘Ridley Jones’

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After five seasons, the Netflix hit series Ridley Jones has been canceled. According to the series creator Chris Nee, the streaming service has decided to quietly ax the show from its platform. While many people are surprised by Netflix’s decision, Chris Nee says she isn’t shocked. See why the popular children’s show has been nixed from Netflix.

Chris Nee Shared News of Ridley Jones Cancelation

Chris Nee shared the news of the show’s fate on Twitter. On her private Twitter account, which has about 10.1K followers, she shared the news that “Netflix canceled us.” Additionally, Nee said that the show recently little-to-no promotion for its fifth and final season.

Ridley Jones canceled for non-binary bison - YouTube (1)
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For those not familiar with the show, Ridley Jones is about a little girl who lives in a magical museum with her mother and grandmother. While the show has been popular on Netflix, the streaming giant has seemingly bent to cancel culture due to a number of complaints being made about the program.

Why Is Ridley Jones Being Canceled?

The eighth episode of the newest season brought up a lot of criticism from parents. In the episode “Happy Herd Day,” a bison named Fred comes out to their grandmother about being non-binary.

Ridley Jones canceled for non-binary bison - YouTube

Immediately after the new season was live on NetflixRidley Jones began to receive backlash for injecting their “woke agenda” into a preschool children’s show. Slowly but surely, the clip of the non-binary bison circulated the internet and people started to call for the program to be canceled.

Chris Nee wrote on Twitter, “Doesn’t surprise me that Netflix has quietly dumped the first preschool show that has a non-binary character coming out.” She then encouraged people to watch the show, read about it, and Tweet about it.

What Is Next For Chris Nee?

Some people are surprised by the cancelation of the series. After making its debut in 2021, Ridley Jones had been nominated for several awards, winning  “Best Animation” and “Best Voice Talent” at the Kidscreen Awards. The show also brought home the “Narrative & Animated TV” award from ReFrame.

Chris Nee is also the creator of several other popular children’s series. Ridley Jones was the first she brought straight to Netflix. However, she is also the face behind Doc McStuffins and Vampirina. Nee also created the Netflix animated musical special Obamas, We the People.

According to her Twitter bio, she also has won an Emmy and a Peabody award herself. There is no doubt that she will continue to create amazing things, despite the downfall of Ridley Jones. 

What do you think about Netflix canceling Ridley Jones? Are they bending to cancel culture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Nothing to do with cancel culture. Kids just want to watch cartoons. What 5 year old wants a debate about non-binary issues? It’s brainwashing by a minority and thankfully there are still a majority of sane people left to counter the insanity.

  2. Why do americans have to push their crazyness on our children.. i liked the show and watched it with my 4 year old but this is just confusing for my boy, thanks a lot. i dont mind frank being feminine but what is non binary and why is he called “them”? kids talking to adults about their feelings is great.. but no little child should have to think about american gender politics

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