Deteriorating Wendy Williams Rushes To NYC Bar After Rehab

Wendy Williams On Late Night [Source: YouTube]

Wendy Williams is deteriorating amid her drinking problems and health issues. She rushed to an NYC bar upon leaving a Malibu rehab in August 2022. Keep on reading for the new details about her declining health.

Former FOX talk show host on a downward spiral

The Wendy Williams Show alum is on a downward spiral. She went out for a night of bar-hopping just months after she left rehab. Several sources told The U.S. Sun that Wendy was spotted “drinking cosmos” with a random group of people she just met on Friday, March 17. Wendy was in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit and she wanted to drink some spirits.

Wendy Williams Talks Comeback [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Wendy Williams has been partying it up in New York City. One source told the outlet that she spent most of the night “by herself.” Wendy was accompanied by a bodyguard and a driver, who brought her to as many bars as she wanted. She went for drinks at Fresco and then at Townhouse.

The former daytime talk show host spaced out until a random person would enter the bar. Then, Wendy would strike up a conversation with them. The eyewitness noted that she told the bartender to “get me drunk.” Wendy wanted to drink as much as possible despite her rehab stint.

Page Six was the first to report the sighting of Wendy Williams at the gay bar. Naughty but Nice podcast host Rob Shuter told the outlet that she was all by herself. He decided to accompany her during that time. Once he got up to leave, Wendy wanted him to stay.

“We had a bite, we had some drinks, but then when were getting ready to say goodbye, Wendy didn’t want us to leave,” Rob told Page Six.

He took a photo with her and uploaded it to his Instagram feed. Other patrons told the outlet that she “wasn’t hiding her drinking.” Wendy also had a run-in with The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Kim DePaola. She also interacted with other people at the venue.

Wendy Williams says she wants to “f***”

She shared the same sentiments that she said in her interview with The Post via Zoom in July 2022. Wendy Williams kept telling everyone that she was on the hunt for the next love of her life. She’s living her life as if she was on an episode of Sex and the City. Wendy shared that she’s “willing to f***.”

She left with a group of people to another cocktail lounge. Wendy asked the doorman if he’s ever seen her talk show. Some insiders called her behavior “strange.” The place “exploded” with fans because they all recognized the former radio personality.

This comes amid the concerns surrounding her deteriorating health. She’s battled many medical issues, which led to her show’s cancellation. What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams rushing to an NYC bar after rehab? Sound off below in the comment section.

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