Wendy Williams Scares Fans With Recent Physical Appearance

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Concern mounts for former talk show host Wendy Williams after photos and videos of her walking through New York City recently surfaced. Everything from Wendy’s body language to her facial expression sparked concern among those who have seen the photos and videos. What exactly was she doing in the photos and video clip that was so concerning? Where can you take a look at these recent snapshots of her? Scroll down for all the details!

Wendy Williams In Purple Chair [Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]

Wendy Williams’ eyes bulge as she struggles to walk without support

The Sun obtained exclusive footage of Wendy Williams walking around New York City recently. The footage, however, features an extremely frail former talk show host that seemingly struggles to stay on her feet as she navigates out of the vehicle and to her destination. The footage features Wendy using both a parked car and her bodyguard as support to keep herself from falling.

While her face is partially covered by her hair in some of the snaps, she has a concerningly terrified expression on her face the entire time she struggles to stay on her feet. Those who have seen the footage have taken notice of her bulging eyes and question what is wrong with the talk show host. Fans have speculated booze, drugs, or health ailments could be causing both her eyes to bulge and her struggle to stay on her feet.

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In the footage taken yesterday, Wendy was rocking an oversized Louis Vuitton jacket featuring both a furry collar and furry sleeves. She paired her attention-grabbing jacket with black sweatpants, furry black boots, a white undershirt, and a green crocodile Gucci bag.

She appeared to keep it simple in the cosmetics department with a dash of light pink lip color. Unfortunately for Wendy, those who saw the photos agreed the bulging eyes made it difficult to look anywhere else.

Those interested in scrolling through the concerning footage can head over to The Sun for a look at the exclusive snaps. 

Where was she headed?

Linking her arm with her security guard for support, Wendy walked toward WBLS, her former radio station. Later that evening she was spotted enjoying a meal for dinner at an Italian eatery called, Fresco by Scotto. It was hard to miss Wendy as she was completely surrounded by a filming crew. The crew was hard at work on a documentary focused on telling Wendy’s story.

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