Wendy Williams Snubs Ailing Father?

Wendy Williams [Source: YouTube]

Wendy Williams snubbed her ailing father. This comes amid concerns about her own health. Her father just celebrated his 92nd birthday. Once again, Wendy’s brother Tommy called her out for ignoring their family in Florida. Keep on reading to learn the new details.

Wendy Williams’ family drama continues

According to a new report, Wendy Williams is still at odds with her family. Her brother Tommy isn’t happy that she skipped out on their father’s 92nd birthday celebration in Florida. He spoke to The U.S. Sun about the family gathering that took place last weekend.

Wendy Williams [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“The focus never seemed to have gotten back to family and particularly my dad,” Tommy Williams told The U.S. Sun. “And that’s the travesty in all of this. She’s caught up in what everyone else is caught up in, how her life is panning out. Just be a family member, just be a daughter, but I guess she’s not going to be either.”

He didn’t hold back on his feelings for his famous sister. Tommy insists that Wendy Williams still wants to be a talk show host. However, he feels that she should focus on her role as a daughter to her ailing father.

Wendy Wiliams [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Even with the family drama, Tommy says his father’s strained relationship with Wendy hasn’t slowed “his vitality down, or his zest for life and joy.” He celebrated an intimate birthday with the family he has in Florida. Last year, Wendy Williams celebrated her father when she was staying in Florida.

At the time, she was recovering from multiple health issues. Her daytime talk shows The Wendy Williams Show went on hiatus. The lengthy break led to the demise of her television show. Tommy also shared that there is no update on the future of her podcast.

Post-career plans on hold?

Her post-career plans are currently on hold. Tommy has no idea what she intends on doing with her career. Wendy Williams still claims that she’s making a comeback in some form. Tommy revealed that she has the choice not to work again if she doesn’t want to.

“There is still nothing new on the podcast front, so I don’t know what her focus is,” Tommy explained. “Everyone has their own choice on how they want to break their bread and if she never wants to work again — that’s fine too, she’s in that position.”

Wendy Williams [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Back in November 2022, Wendy announced during the event that the New York radio station WBLS that The Wendy Williams Experience podcast would launch “in the next few weeks.” Her publicist shared that “it’s coming soon” but nothing has come out since. Fans are impatiently waiting for her comeback. Still, she has a lot going on in her personal life.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams snubbing her ailing father on his birthday? Do you think she should focus on her family? Do you think she will ever work again? Sound off below in the comment section.

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