Slurred Wendy Williams Shares Update In Garbled Video

Wendy Williams Hosts Hot Topics [YouTube]

Wendy Williams shared an update with her fans. She took to Instagram to post a new video amid her rehab stint. Her speech appeared slurred and garbled. Fans couldn’t make out what the former television host was saying. Some are concerned about Wendy’s well-being — especially since she just left rehab.

TV Shows Ace shared the first photo of Wendy upon her return from the California wellness center she stayed at during her two-month stay. She returned to New York City. Yet, fans think she should return home to Florida to be with her family. Read on to learn more and to see her video message.

Wendy Williams Hosts Talk Show [YouTube]

Wendy Williams teases her comeback

Earlier this year, fans were concerned about Wendy Williams. She appeared confused and emaciated in the streets of New York City. She also passed out in bizarre places and frequented the liquor store. On the heels of her rehab stay, Wendy teased her comeback in a new Instagram video.

On Wednesday, October 27, Wendy Williams teased her new podcast, The Wendy Experience, on the official Instagram page. At the time of this writing, it still doesn’t have a premiere date. Her fans don’t think she’s ready for her new venture just yet. The video featured old footage of the former radio personality on her bed. She slurred in the garbled video, which showed her wearing a black robe.

Wendy Williams Sits In Big Purple Chair [YouTube]
“Hey!” Wendy Williams says to the camera. Next, the video is garbled as it’s hard to understand what she’s saying. She laughs at the noise in the background before saying: “Yeah, it’s me, at my apartment. It’s going to be a heck of a bumpy ride, so what you do is follow the follow.”

The caption for the Instagram video reads: “Jump on board for the new wave and everything Wendy Williams! The Wendy Experience will be unforgettable!”

Fans would like to forget what they just witnessed. Some of them took to the comment section to express concern. Others wondered if this video was just filmed on the heels of her rehab stint. Yet, there were still some fans who think she was making a comeback at just the right time.

Fans want her back with her family

Most of the comments sparked concern about the original daytime diva. They think she should move back home to her family since they took care of her in Florida. Her fans don’t think that New York City is good for her mental health and well-being.

“Still struggling with coherent sentences, like ‘follow the follow’!? Ditch these people in New York and go live quietly with your family in Florida and heal. This won’t end well,” one fan commented.

“What does ‘follow the follow’ mean? Why not just show a video of her talking clearly without all the distractions? I love Wendy and want her back, but only when she’s fully ready,” another added.

Yet, there’s still an overwhelming amount of fans who are rooting for Wendy Williams’ comeback. What are your thoughts on her video message? Do you think she’s ready to host her own podcast? Sound off below in the comment section.

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