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Viewers Call For Carson Daly’s Termination: Unqualified?

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Viewers want Carson Daly fired. They think he’s unqualified to do his job. He caused an uproar among fans of the Today Show. It all started when Carson and his co-anchors discussed a celebrity’s favorite Starbucks drink. Keep on reading to learn more about the recent controversy.

Carson Daly was caught being unprofessional

On Friday’s broadcast of the Today Show, the co-hosts talked about food during a segment. They all tried the new Starbucks drink that’s caused a mixed reaction among fans. The Today Show shared the clip on its official Instagram account.

One of the co-anchors mentioned that The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal enjoys thinking “30 shots of espresso over ice.” Carson Daly tried his concoction, alongside Savannah Guthrie, Craig Melvin, Al Roker, and Hoda Kotb. They looked unsure as they took a sip. Al, Craig, Savannah, and Hoda all gagged.

Today PopStart Segment [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Savannah admitted that she would rather “lick my shoe” than drink the coffee. The co-anchors revealed that drinking that many shots of espresso is disgusting. Most Today fans reacted to Al, Craig, and Hoda’s humorous reactions. However, others couldn’t believe how Carson Daly pronounced the word “espresso.”

They took to the comments section to react. Most of them called out the host for his unprofessionalism. Some think he’s unqualified and has called for his termination. Here’s the reaction.

  • “Xpresso is not the way. It’s pronounced eSpresso.”
  • “It’s espresso – not expresso.”
  • “It’s….. ESPRESSO not Expresso people! No x.”
  • “Espresso! Not expresso!”
  • It’s no longer ESPRESSO after a small sip. By the way they all cringed, it’s EXPRESSO. Must’ve tasted nasty and it has to go, like right now, by… EXPRESS-🤣h!
  • “ESSSSpresso.”

Caught in another embarrassing moment

Carson Daly suffered another snafu on the Today Show. Fans noticed that his co-hosts would leave him out of segments. It started late last year when author Kevin Curry showed he makes three meals out of one rotisserie chicken.

Al Roker & Craig Melvin [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
He assured Carson that he would fix him a plate. Fans noticed that he sat at the corner of the table, next to the wall. His co-hosts assured Kevin that they would share their food with him. Savannah and Hoda sat at the other end of the table and shared their food together.

Carson Daly was left out of the entire segment. He chimed in at the end, saying, “And you spend about $2 doing it!” Kevin laughed and corrected him: “Not about $2, but yes per meal, you’re averaging about $3 per meal for all this.”

That isn’t the first time that Carson Daly has made a mistake on the show. What are your thoughts on Today Show fans calling for his termination? Do you agree that he’s unqualified to be a host? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Calling Carson out for being “unprofessional”??? How about leaving him alone for being HUMAN!! Half the US population could be called on for termination for saying “ax me…..” instead of “ask me…..”!!! Don’t thrown stones unless you are perfect yourself!

  2. He should be fired. Instead of eating he’s drinking and if he has anxiety attacks he’s taking meds so no alcohol. The other day he was offered food and said I’m fine I have a drink. He is rude.

  3. Carson Daly needs to go. He’s so negative, sour puss, unprofessional, & unpleasant. He has an attitude “I don’t want to be here”.

  4. Seriously. Does no one else hear how many people say eXpresso? I hear it all the time. Carson is a fantastic addition to the Today Show so why are people being this aggressive toward him and wanting him fired? This is so ridiculous. Perhaps the ones making all the noise don’t have real problems to worry about so they go off on stupid sh!t like this. Or maybe they need more attention. I don’t understand the problem here at all. I love you, Carson! Please don’t let these petty people bother you.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me at the number of people who can be so negative and mean over something so trivial. I think all you negative Nancy’s should crawl back in bed and try getting up in a better mood so that you can be a bit kinder and mind your own business. Suggesting firing someone over something so trivial is ridiculous. I suggest you all remember that this is the way this man supports his family. He may make more money than some of you but that doesn’t give you the right to determine his worth on the program.

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