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Carson Daly Calls Out Savannah Guthrie’s On-Air Drinking?

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Carson Daly called out Savannah Guthrie’s on-air drinking. He got shady during the latest broadcast of the Today Show. It happened at the top of the morning show when they discussed the pop culture topics of the day. Keep on reading to get all the details.

Why was Carson Daly so shady?

During the Today Show’s “POPStart Segment,” Carson Daly brought up a story about actor Ashton Kutcher who admitted he didn’t know who Harry Styles was. Little did he know he ran into the British pop star at a party. He watched Harry take part in karaoke. After Harry performed a classic ABBA song, Ashton told him how talented he was.

Carson Daly [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
A friend pulled him aside and told him that was Harry Styles. The That 90s Show actor felt so stupid for not knowing the “As It Was” singer. Ashton admitted that he “felt like a jerk.” After Carson shared his story with his co-anchors, he took his digs at Savannah Guthrie. They kept asking him how Ashton couldn’t recognize Harry Styles since he’s well-known.

Today PopStart [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
He got shady when he said to Savannah Guthrie: “Well, maybe he was chugging beer with you!” He called her out for her on-air drinking with the former Two and a Half Men star. Savannah smiled and responded: “Yeah, maybe.” They moved on to the next story in the “POPStart Segment.”

Savannah Guthrie chugged beers with Ashton Kutcher

Most Today Show fans remember when Savannah Guthrie chugged beers with Ashton Kutcher on live television. It happened right before the weekend of the New York Marathon. Ashton shared that he was taking part in last year’s marathon. He was raising money for his charity, Thorn, which fights against online human trafficking.

At the end of the interview, Savannah offered him a glass of beer. She informed him that it was carb-loading, so he could run it off during the marathon that weekend. Both of them held up a huge glass of beer. Ashton asked her if they could chug it on live television.

Savannah Guthrie & Ashton Kutcher Drink Beers [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Both of them raised their glasses and started drinking. They high-fived each other after that moment and immediately regretted their decision. Savannah Guthrie said: “I feel terrible! Don’t do that at home.” It caused a huge controversy when it happened. Some fans wondered if they were really drinking beer on live TV since it went down easily.

In the following week, Savannah confirmed they were drinking actual beer. They had beer ready backstage for the Hollywood star. What are your thoughts on Carson Daly calling out Savannah Guthrie’s on-air drinking? Do you think he was being shady? Sound off below in the comment section.

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