Savannah Guthrie Rudely Interrupts Visibly Annoyed Carson Daly?

Savannah Guthrie & Carson Daly [Today Show | YouTube]

Savannah Guthrie cut off her co-host Carson Daly. He was visibly annoyed by her rude behavior. The awkward incident took place during a live broadcast of the talk show. Keep on reading to learn more and see what happened.

Savannah Guthrie interrupts Today Show co-host

The Today Show was excited to have Shania Twain on the show as a guest host. Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly were also joined by Dylan Dreyer, Craig Melvin, and Hoda Kotb. They sat next to the pink-haired country singer on the couch. Shania appeared on Today’s “POPSTart” segment on Thursday, January 5.

Savannah Guthrie & Carson Daly [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Savannah Guthrie was so excited that she interrupted her Today Show co-host. Carson tried to get a word in edgewise during the segment. He mentioned the new movie 80 for Brady and the 40th anniversary of Eurythmic’s hit single “Sweet Dreams.” Carson wanted to focus on Shania as Savannah kept speaking over him.

“That is your quick POPStart today ’cause it’s Shania Twain all…” Carson said.

Carson Daly [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
The Today Show co-hosts clapped and cheered for the “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” hitmaker. Carson tried to finish what he was saying. “We’re going to…” he added as Savannah Guthrie chimed in and said, “Okay, our co-hostess with the most-est is ready to keep going.”

Carson looked at Savannah with a visibly annoyed look on his face. Shania made Savannah look good by patting her on the back. Savannah smiled at the camera. Yet, it was clear that Carson was annoyed by her interrupting his monologue. He eventually relaxed and then kept up the good vibes for the rest of the show.

Is Carson Daly annoyed with his colleagues?

This isn’t the first time that Carson Daly looked annoyed this week alone. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, he didn’t show any expression when Hoda and Savannah celebrated five years on the show together. Their co-hosts toasted them during the prior segment.

Carson sat there with a stone-faced expression on his face. Savannah Guthrie and Hoda were emotional as they talked about the times that they spent. They shared that they love the memories they made behind the scenes. This comes amid rumors about their feud off the show.

Some fans called out Carson for his stink face. Others think he doesn’t believe Savannah Guthrie and Hoda’s love for one another. It’s possible that Carson doesn’t want to play pretend on camera. In the meantime, Hoda and Savannah continue to downplay the rumors.

What are your thoughts on Savannah Guthrie interrupting Carson during the live show? Do you think she was rude? Or, do you think she was just excited? Sound off below in the comment section.

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