Tyra Banks Sucker Punches ‘DWTS’ Execs With Exit Confirmation

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Tyra Banks dropped an exciting bombshell on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) fans yesterday when she announced her decision to exit as the dancing competition show’s host. This was a shocking but exciting announcement as fans just don’t care for Tyra as a host and have been calling for her termination since she first debuted as the host.

Turns out, DWTS execs were sucker punched by Tyra Banks making headlines confirming her decision to exit as the host yesterday. Now, Dancing With The Stars bosses were not blindsided because they had no idea she was quitting the show. They were, however, surprised by the manner in which she announced this as they were not ready and did not have a plan.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Tyra Banks went completely off script in her decision to announce her exit from the show in this way.

Tyra Banks from YouTube

Tyra Bank sucker punches DWTS execs

Per a report from The Sun, Dancing With The Stars bosses had no idea Tyra was planning to announce her exit from the show. An inside source close to production notes that it was a very Tyra Banks way of doing things. The source notes it had been obvious for a few weeks the show was preparing to move away from Tyra Banks as the host. ABC and Disney, however, like to have plans in place and prepare big announcements like this in a certain manner. And, it was very off-script for Tyra to just casually confirm her exit while grocery shopping.

It was clear that the show was heading forward without Tyra in recent weeks as early conversations began about booking talent and revamping the show and how to return it to ABC while keeping Disney Plus fans happy.

Per the source, the DWTS execs hadn’t planned on making an announcement about Tyra leaving the show until April. The source noted it was a “fair play” for Tyra to take control of the situation. But, it is simply NOT how the execs wanted it to happen.

Tyra Banks from YouTube

This source goes on to explain that ABC and Disney would have preferred to spin the announcement to focus on the new host moving into the spotlight as opposed to Tyra leaving. By making the announcement prematurely, Tyra ensured that her exit was the shining star.

Will this force ABC and Disney to announce the replacement early? Have they even found a replacement yet? Share your thoughts on Tyra taking control of this announcement in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news.


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