Tyra Banks QUITS ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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Tyra Banks is giving Dancing With The Stars fans what they’ve been begging for as she confirms her decision to exit the dancing competition series. News broke early this morning via TMZ that the supermodel confirmed she was quitting DWTS citing a decision to ditch her ballroom attire for something a little more business casual. Making no mention of the fact that DWTS stars have been begging for Tyra to be fired, the supermodel reveals she’s decided to follow her desire to be a successful businesswoman.

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Tyra Banks QUITS Dancing With The Stars

TMZ caught up with supermodel Tyra Banks on Thursday just after she finished some shopping at Whole Foods located in Santa Monica. The DWTS host dropped a bombshell on the outlet during their conversation. As fans of Dancing With The Stars know, Tyra Banks has been the host of the dancing competition since 2020. She, however, has NEVER been a well-received host. Turns out, the supermodel has decided to give fans what they want as she’s quitting the show.

As those who follow Tyra Banks know, she launched an ice cream brand called “SMiZE & Dream” internationally. She, however, wants to bring her ice cream brand into the U.S. She explained to TMZ that both her heart and soul are focused on her ice cream business. So, she simply doesn’t have anything left to use to be the host of Dancing With The Stars.

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Turns out, some of the items in Tyra Banks’ cart confirmed how serious she was about focusing on her ice cream business. The supermodel made the shopping trip to Whole Foods to pick up some goodies so she could do a little taste testing for future flavors of her ice cream. Excited and passionate about her venture, she was happy to talk about it with TMZ.

It is no secret that Tyra Banks has accumulated a collection of TV credits on her resume including DWTSAmerica’s Next Top Model, and The Tyra Banks Show. While she isn’t giving up on her career and experience working in television, she is ready to take a backseat so she has time to focus on her ice cream business. So, she is going to dive into producing TV shows instead of starring in them.

Tyra Banks On Season 29 Of DWTS [YouTube]

Unsurprisingly, this Dancing With The Stars news is well-received among fans as no one liked Tyra Banks as the host. Are you surprised to learn Tyra made the decision to walk away from DWTS? Let us know in the comments down below what you think about this big news!

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