Tyra Banks Seemingly Snubs Charli D’Amelio’s ‘DWTS’ Guests

Tyra Banks from Sherri, YouTube

Dancing With The Stars fans have had just about enough of Tyra Banks. They haven’t been big fans of hers since she took over the show, but things seem a lot worse in Season 31. The season is only in its fourth week and fans have found plenty of things to complain about regarding the show’s hostess.

But during James Bond Night, she seems to have made the biggest blunder yet. Many viewers thought Tyra Banks was incredibly rude to Charli D’Amelio‘s guests in the ballroom. Keep reading to see what happened.

Tyra Banks makes the entire ballroom uncomfortable during James Bond Night

Now that the worst of the pandemic is in the past, Dancing With The Stars has a live audience once again. TikTok star Charli D’Amelio invited several loved ones to watch her perform during James Bond night. Her older sister Dixie attended as well as Charli’s boyfriend Landon Barker. Landon’s father Travis Barker and his wife Kourtney Kardashian also came.

It was supposed to be a nice family outing, but Tyra Banks made things awkward.

Tyra Banks from Sherri, YouTube
Tyra Banks/Sherri

After Charli’s performance, Tyra Banks had the cameras pan over her guests in the audience. The hostess attempted to introduce everyone by name but made a serious mess of the situation. She introduced Landon as “Logan” and completely ignored Dixie.

The group kept things classy and opted to ignore the situation. They smiled and clapped for Charli and seemed to genuinely enjoy their time as guests in the ballroom.

Dancing With The Stars audience members from YouTube
Dixie D’Amelio, Landon Barker, Travis Barker, & Kourtney Kardashian/Dancing With The Stars

What did you think of Tyra’s onscreen blunder this week? Leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

This week’s situation was not an isolated incident

This isn’t the first time fans at home have had issues with the way Tyra Banks treats Charli D’Amelio. All season long, DWTS fans have said that she infantilizes the 18-year-old and says incredibly bizarre things to her.

“I said for one of the most famous teenagers in the entire world, she is so sweet, so humble. There’s a sweetness,” the supermodel told Charli after her week one performance. “I thought you were going to be like ‘What’s up, Tyra? I’m a Tiktok star.’ No! You are so sweet and humble, it’s beautiful.”

However, fans felt that she said it in a mocking tone and seemed to poke fun at Charli. Situations like this have happened each week.

Week four will be Disney+ Night and the remaining 13 couples are hard at work. Charli and her partner Mark Ballas will perform a Jazz routine to “‘The Simpsons’ Main Title Theme” from The Simpsons. 

Will Tyra Banks keep her weird comments to herself? Fans will have to tune in and see. Disney+ Night begins at 8 PM eastern time this Monday night. Tune in and keep up with the remaining contestants.


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