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Gwendlyn Brown & Future Wife Enjoy Taylor Swift Together

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Gwendlyn Brown and her fiancee, Beatriz Queiroz enjoyed Taylor Swift together. The two have been soaking up all that they can before getting married this summer. It looks like they are really living their best lives together and are so in love. So, what was their time with T. Swift like? Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown & Future Wife Enjoy Taylor Swift Together

It was a Taylor Swift-filled evening for Gwendlyn Brown and Beatriz. The two have been celebrating a lot over the past few months. They started with a fun and family-filled engagement party. Gwen’s siblings and her mother, Christine Brown, were all dressed up and in attendance for the festivities. They shared photos of the family celebrating together and everyone was all smiles. Then, Gwendlyn shared the news that she had received a plaque from YouTube.

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The daughter of Kody and Christine not only started a Patreon but also has a YouTube channel. There, she uploads reaction videos to Season 17 and she holds nothing back. However, it can appear that Kody may have some control over what she says and posts. With the plaque that she celebrated with Beatriz came the news that she was changing her name so that was a big deal. Now, Gwendlyn Brown and her fiancee are celebrating life with Taylor Swift.

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Gwen uploaded a photo of the two of them at a Taylor Swift concert to her Instagram. They were all smiles and both donned matching concert T-shirts with Gwen’s being pink and Beatriz wearing black. In the caption, Gwen wrote: “TAYLOR SWIFT AHHHH IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!” Her followers were jealous and wished that they had been able to attend. “Wow! Lucky, would have loved to go but didn’t want to spend $1000 a ticket,” one wrote. Another added: “I’m jealous. I’m hoping she makes a special out of it and puts it on Netflix.”

A Lot To Look Forward To

It is hard to believe that the duo will be married in a matter of months. Gwendlyn Brown wrote in her stories, a short time back, that she would be joining Beatriz’s family in July. Therefore, it is to be believed that this is when the wedding will take place. Gwen has given no hints as to what she will wear or which siblings will be in her wedding party. However, fans are more curious if she will invite her father, Kody, and if she does, will he attend? He did show up to his son, Logan Brown’s wedding last fall. Yet, he was seated away from Logan’s mother, Janelle Brown, and looked more like a guest than the father of the groom.

What do you think of Gwendlyn and Beatriz living their best pre-marital lives? Furthermore, are you jealous they got to see Taylor Swift? Let us know in the comments below.

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