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Gwendlyn Brown Celebrates YouTube Milestone

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Gwendlyn Brown is celebrating a huge YouTube milestone. The twenty-one-year-old has been doing reaction videos to Season 17 Sister Wives episodes. They’ve been doing well on YouTube for fans who do not want to subscribe to her Patreon. So, what is the milestone that she has reached on the platform? Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown Celebrates YouTube Milestone

This is a big day for Gwendlyn Brown. The daughter of Kody and Christine Brown has been hustling to make YouTube reaction videos that fans will appreciate. She holds nothing back in these videos and even called out Kody for allegedly abusing her when she was young. However, he seemingly made her retract these allegations. Though she was much more forthcoming in her initial Patreon Q&As, she has since been far tamer. Fans believe that her father has had a hand in this and that is why she is censoring herself.

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Still, her videos are watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Gwendlyn Brown’s Season 17 Episode 2 reaction video has over 700K views in just two months. Now, she is being recognized by YouTube, as she shared on her Instagram. While posing with a plaque and a sneaky dog, Gwen was all smiles. “i got a plaque from youtube!!! crazy!! i’m so insanely grateful to be given this and that so many people are interested in the content i share ❤️❤️❤️ if you’d like to watch, i’ll be posting my unboxing video for the award on tuesday, march 14th at 1pm MST on youtube. thank you so much!!!!” she wrote.

Gwendlyn Brown/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
For some reason, she limited the comments on her post but fans were so excited for Gwendlyn. “I look forward to every video you post! I’m a big fan of you ❤️🌈,” one wrote. Another added: “Congratulations Gwen!! You’re so cool.” Finally, someone noted: “CONGRATULATIONS 👍👍YOU DESERVE IT! Love your content n your reactions😂.” It seems that she has a solid fanbase who will continue to support Gwen regardless of what she says and does.

Speaking Out

Gwendlyn Brown was not the first in her family to speak out about familial wrongdoings. Her older yet estranged brother Paedon Brown made the rounds, talking about things that just were not right within the plural family. Gwendlyn soon piggybacked that with her Patreon and their sister, Mykelti Padron followed, as well. They have all done fairly well but Gwen has a big event she needs to save for. Not only is she going to Spain for her degree but she is also getting married. Gwendlyn is marrying her fiancee, Beatriz this summer and they celebrated with a  lavish engagement party. Hopefully, all of the good things keep coming Gwen’s way.

Will you be watching Gwendlyn Brown’s YouTube unboxing video? More so, do you currently watch her reaction videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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