Katie Maloney Says Raquel Leviss Deserves What’s Coming

Raquel Leviss & Katie Maloney [Source: YouTube]

Katie Maloney has choice words for Raquel Leviss. She admits that the Vanderpump Rules co-star deserves what’s coming to her. She’s sharing her thoughts on the “Scandoval” of it all. Earlier this month, news broke that Ariana Madix ended her nine-year relationship with Tom Sandoval.

She found out that he was unfaithful for the past seven months. Sandoval was having an affair with Raquel during that time. Katie didn’t like it when Raquel tried to move in on her ex-husband, Tom Schwartz. She is sharing how she really feels about her former friend.

Katie Maloney [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Andy Cohen teases new Vanderpump Rules episode

Andy Cohen delivered a PSA on his radio show. The Bravo executive producer admitted that producers didn’t edit this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. He noticed an interesting conversation between Raquel, Lala Kent, and Katie Maloney. The Watch What Happens Live host called it must-see television — especially in light of what happened.

“There is something I wanted to say about Vanderpump Rules,” Andy said on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live. “Guys, you’re going to watch Wednesday’s episode. You are going to think that it was recut. Okay? It was not recut. This was the episode.”

He watched it several weeks ago when he was sick in bed. Andy recalled the conversation that Raquel shared with Katie Maloney and Lala. He claims that the footage “was not touched.” This is exactly how he watched the episode.

“The conversations that go on between Katie and Lala and Raquel are not to be believed in the light of what has come out,” Andy continued. “This is how it was going to be shown. … which makes it all the more shocking. You won’t believe it.”

Katie Maloney fires more shots at Raquel

Katie Maloney fires another shot at Raquel. Earlier in the season, she warned her that her world is going to burn. Now, she’s firing more shots on Wednesday’s episode of Lala Kent’s podcast Give Them Lala. She seemingly foreshadows all that’s coming to the scorned pageant queen.

“I gave you every opportunity,” Katie Maloney warned in her statement with Lala. “I was so kind to you when I didn’t have to be, but I was. The fact that you didn’t really step or appreciate that or recognize that and you walked over that and took a giant dump on it, you’re an idiot. You deserve … what’s coming to you right now.”

Raquel Leviss Confronts Katie Maloney & Lala Kent [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
She also shared another message for Sandoval later in the message. Katie accused him of “never” respecting her or acknowledging her in her relationship with Tom Schwartz. Do you agree with Katie that Raquel deserves what’s coming to her this season? Sound off below in the comment section.

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